Funny Text Exchanges – Everybody’s Got One

So I’ve taken on a big writing project. Huge. At least by my standards. (We’ll talk more about that later. Maybe.) Anyway, in the meantime, several things are liable to take a hit. Like laundry, timely bill paying, my interpersonal relationships, basic hygiene and sometimes, just maybe, the blog.

I know. There are six people who are really upset right now.

Well relax, six people. I won’t let you down. My point, and I do have one * … is that I’ll just be trying  to make you laugh … or cry … or go hmmmmm a little faster these days so I have enough time to get to everything. Which brings me to today’s writing prompt, brought to us by MamaKat. It’s soooo easy. All I’m asked for today is “A funny text exchange.”

Fortunately for me, I am surrounded by a gaggle of half-baked lunaticscard-carrying nut jobs … sharp-witted comedians with which I often exchange my idiot brand of humor. You guys remember Vanessa, right? Here are just a few samples:

The Toe Circumcision series (Warning: nasty photo within) …

20131107-121420.jpgThree days later, when I was a little less shy about it …

20131107-121320.jpg 20131107-121333.jpg 20131107-121347.jpg 20131107-181900.jpg

Two weepily nostalgic mothers looking at baby pics of their giant kids …


… Or just daily minutiae.


* The first book written by Ellen DeGeneres who, by coincidence, does a recurring segment on her show called “Clumsy Thumbsy” about funny text exchanges courtesy of auto-correct. Sadly, I text with the dexterity of a fifteen year old so I don’t encounter many of the errors. Don’t worry though. I’ll keep trying. 

I love you, Ellen. I assume you’re reading, right?

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9 responses to “Funny Text Exchanges – Everybody’s Got One

  1. I always knew you were a holey person. 😉

  2. The last one cracked me up… ya ain’t right ya know that right?? Which is why of course I am drawn to the blog bwhahahah.. I fit in.

  3. I sent my two best friends a disgusting foot pic b/c I have some awful dry skin on the bottom of my foot that I can’t stop itching, and it only makes it worse. Skin is falling off in clumps, and it’s so gross. I figured I should share it with them. I sent it around 5:30 in the hopes of ruining their dinnner.

  4. Congrat’s on the big writing gig!! Not too sure I can congratulate you on the toe pic though…that is the shit of nightmares!

  5. texts crack me up more than anything for some reason! These were very funny! Thanks for the laugh….

  6. Well congrats on the writing gig!! I’ll try to make sure to insert an easy prompt every week just for you. 😉

  7. Lol, this was too cool. Hope that toe is better!

  8. Yowza, that’s gonna leave a mark. Congrats on your big writing gig! Woot!

  9. OUCH! No pedicures for months? Where is the dislike button on here?

    Congrats on the writing gig my friend, can’t wait to hear all about it.

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