From junkyard cow clocks to lung masses – everything deserves a name

I knew the second I hit ‘publish’ last night that closing out the post with a reference to my cow clock made of spoons and then not including a picture of it was a colossal mistake.  Of epic proportions.  What was I thinking?  

So, here he is, in all his recycled bovine splendor.  We picked him up on vacation from a little gallery in Skagway, Alaska. We took one look at him and knew we had to have him.  The spoon parts always get top billing in our description of his composition, but he also boasts a bread pan, a mason jar lid and various other nuts and bolts in his design.  We named him ‘Cowie.’  We are a simple people who tend to name most things in our household … including kitchen knives, scrap metal squirrel-rats and Magnolia trees in the front yard.


Which reminds me …  my sister-in-law thinks I should name the lung mass.  I feel it is male but am open to female names and gender-neutral suggestions as well.  Pop culture references, relevant homages and pithy puns are all welcome.  Let’s name the damned thing as we’ll be getting to know him/her/it pretty well in the next few weeks.  Please submit your ideas below.

Oh, and if you’ve never commented on the blog before … Geez, register yourself already and throw your idea in the ring.  What’s keeping you?


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4 responses to “From junkyard cow clocks to lung masses – everything deserves a name

  1. COWIE IS HIDEOUS!!!!!! And his eyes follow me from the computer monitor.
    (I must have three of those. NOW!!!!)

    How about S. Sam Gnul?

  2. Adolph Cystler or Lumpelstiltsken

  3. You should call it Pit Stop.

    Pit Stop haiku for you 🙂

    It is the Pit Stop
    On your way from the flatlands
    To the Grand Tetons~

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