At least it won’t be MY house that has turkey bits falling between the counter and the stove this year

In seventeen years, I have only missed hosting Thanksgiving three times:

(1) 1999 – My son was born just a few weeks earlier and no one in my sleepless household was up to the task.

(2) 2005 – Two words. Hurricane Katrina. No home = no hosting space.

(3) 2006 – Still Katrina. That bitch meant business and kept us down for a while.

I love hosting Thanksgiving. It actually might be my favorite holiday … for the same reason that the rehearsal dinner is my favorite part of a wedding and Thursday was my favorite day of the week when I worked in a traditional office setting. These things all serve as the gateway to the main event. They are the proverbial firing of the starter’s pistol at the beginning of the race. That exciting overture is always my favorite point in time for most anything.

So, it was with heavy (well, let’s be honest … heavy-ish) heart that I relinquished the reins of a fourth Thanksgiving. To my wonderful parents, of course. Who were more than happy to help me and take hold of the hosting duties, which they don’t have as often as they’d like. (That last part really probably only pertains to my mom.)

I know my husband also really likes hosting for the holidays … so we’re at our own home. (Sorry, D.) And we like watching … or at least peripherally experiencing in the background … the whole Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s a tradition I’ve observed since I was very young. I love watching the Broadway performances, seeing the gargantuan character balloons (especially the vintage ones) and even listening to the cheesy banter between the hosts. And tomorrow is no exception. I don’t want to miss New Orleans’ own 610 Stompers. I’m proud to call several of these goofy male dance teamers my friends and can’t wait to see the show. I better not miss it since I’m changing locations this year.

Stupid lung mass. (cough, sputter) I mean … Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


2 responses to “At least it won’t be MY house that has turkey bits falling between the counter and the stove this year

  1. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving…from me and mine!

  2. I have a hard time not hosting Thanksgiving as well – perks, less clean-up, no pre-cleaning frenzy. Downside: no leftovers. Although I do relish being back in New Orleans and seeing family, so this year, I happy relinquished hosting duties.

    As for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – My first memory of the parade (many many years ago) is my mom making quite a large deal about the Macy’s Day Parade being on Thanksgiving morning and how fun it would be to watch the balloons and entertainment. The excitement was infectious and I patiently waited (i.e. asked every 2 minutes if it was on yet) through the news in order to watch the much anticipated parade. My reaction was less than enthusiastic, “Where are the beads and cups?” I asked. When I learned that they didn’t throw things from the floats, I was confused and disappointed. I simply could not understand why one would stand in the cold weather just to watch floats pass by and not get anything. Sad to say, but I’m still influenced by that first impression.

    Stupid lung mass aside, Happy Thanksgiving – having family surround you that can help heal with humor is definitely something to be thankful for and I hope many laughs were had, along with copious amounts of food.

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