Checking in a THIRD time with AMC TV

Today’s Weight … 122.4

EXACTLY the same as yesterday. Go figure. Pasta and gingerbread don’t help you lose weight.  But the good news is .. they, apparently, don’t help you gain it either!

Don’t get it? Check this post.

Just so no one thinks I’m dropping the ball with AMC Television and its poor choice of ad placement during children’s Christmas programming last month … not to worry! I’ve been occupied with a few things the last few weeks but I’m back … and I’m on it.  If you recall, I’ve sent two emails, made one phone call and even tweeted these people … all only to fall on deaf ears. Or so I thought until I called again today and actually reached a live person.  She offered me a different email address and assured me that this time I would receive a response.  Of course, I’ll share it here when I do.

And, yes, I plan to do the same follow-up with the Kids-in-Mind letter.   Am I being a crazy pain in the ass to these people?  Maybe. But I feel that they screwed up and, as a mom, I’ve decided that they should be informed to correct it for the next, not-yet-corrupted kid.  (Since mine have now been educated on things like Trojan Vibrators.)

Just sent today, here’s my third email to AMC:

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking my call today.  Attached below are the two prior emails I sent to your organization that I mentioned during our conversation this afternoon. The address I used for the first two emails is, in fact, different from the one you gave me today.  Your website reads “If the answer to your question wasn’t found in our FAQ, please send us an e-mail.”  And the email link is  So, therein lies the problem.

Anyway, thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Michele …



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