Wake up, AMC. Polar Express is on and you’ve got kids watching!

It’s the last day of the year. A great day to lay around, eat like a pig and be mean to everyone … because the resolutions don’t start until tomorrow, right? And, while I don’t consider my next action to be mean-spirited in the slightest, I thought I’d share with you some of my anger and frustration over a recent experience involving my young daughter, AMC’s airing of The Polar Express and a highly inappropriate advertisement shown during the program. So today, I sent out a little email.


Dear American Movie Classics (AMC),

I want to thank you for continuing to air so many of the holiday classics I enjoy with my kids each year. I cherish sharing this annual tradition with them and getting to see the newer movies as well as introducing them to some of the older ones from my generation.

This year, my family celebrated Christmas over the course of two days, the 25th and 26th. As with many families, it’s the only way we can fit everyone and everything in during this crazy season. So, by the time we returned home from our two-day affair, we were all completely exhausted and just looking to relax in front of the television. My husband and son opted for football in the den while my daughter and I snuggled into my bed to watch Polar Express on AMC. She absolutely loves that movie and often brings in all of her stuffed animals to join in the fun whenever we tune in.

It was the perfect closing to our Christmas celebration and very special for both us … until one of your commercial breaks. Can you give me any reason to explain why your advertising department would have elected to place the following commercial during this classic children’s Christmas special???

I spent the rest of the commercial break trying to explain to my young daughter why this ‘back massager’ was just for women. And … I’m just wondering … who was asleep at the wheel when the ad schedule was drawn up? And … is he or she still employed with AMC?

Please respond with an explanation at your earliest convenience. I’m just dying to learn how this could have happened.


Blah – Blah – Blah

Happy New Year! Be safe tonight!


6 responses to “Wake up, AMC. Polar Express is on and you’ve got kids watching!

  1. Can’t wait to hear their response. We’ll be LOVINNN ittttt,,,

  2. I have to tell you that my jaw *dropped* when I saw the video clip of this ad. Thought I knew roughly what to expect and this knocked my socks off, so to speak (I also have never seen a similar ad during ANY television viewing, much less children’s programming). I have had a similar reaction for a few months now, with increasing irritation, to the airing of thoroughly inappropriate teasers during the commercial breaks of children’s movies. Especially during these “holiday marathon” weeks … nothing better dampens the feel-good spirit of some adorable Santa-lovin’ dogs or animated winter wonderland specials more a gory visual promo for next week’s episode of “CSI: MURDER [somewhere, anywhere]” … I mean, the people filling the ad spots clearly could not care less about filtering for the young audiences the programmers intend to attract. Good for you (and thank you!) for writing the letter I keep swearing I will write!!

  3. those faulking trojan commericals were on EVERY channel this year, and I totally agree with your protest!!!!! As my main squeeze “Lance” always asks whenever he sees those creepy commericals (paraphrased): Are condom sales soo bad that Trojan had to branch out into sex toys? Doesn’t it steal market share from rubbers? I mean if Chicks are masturbating, they can’t be using condoms right?”

    I usually tell him he’s just not as horny as the average bear. But never around the kids, OR when Polar Express is on.

    ps: My girl Vesta Vayne sent me here and I love your blog!!!

  4. Wow. That is disturbing. Thanks for demanding an explanation.

  5. now you knows I am naive, I had to google Trojan vibrations to see what it was. I know they make condoms, I guess this is the next step. Poor choice by AMC to even air the ad, let alone in prime time and during a family movie

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