Hello … AMC? Is anybody home? Please pick up.

I just realized it will be a week tomorrow since I first contacted AMC about the fact that … thanks to a deplorably-placed commercial spot that aired during The Polar Express the day after Christmas … my girl now knows all about Trojan’s latest personal product for women.  (Remember, everyone, if she asks … it’s a BACK MASSAGER!)  Unfortunately for AMC, they have disappointed me thus far by ignoring my email. So today, I sent the following second effort (see below) to the same customer service email address as well as an additional one I found for their adverting department.  And I further contacted them via Twitter to request information about where this type of correspondence should be directed.  Please feel free to copy and paste my letter into your own email and send it to AMC.  (If I hear back from them via my Twitter inquiry, I will share that email address asap.) And here’s hoping my first email, my second email or any of your emails will get us a response.


I sent the email below (click here to view) to AMC on December 31.  I have received no response and can only assume that it wasn’t routed correctly within your organization.  In fairness, I wanted to inform you that I write a blog about a variety of topics and this letter was the subject of my post on 12/31.  So, I’m not only waiting to hear from you but I’m also waiting to post your reply as there are others besides myself who are curious to learn how this little error could have happened.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Michele … blah, blah, blah


3 responses to “Hello … AMC? Is anybody home? Please pick up.

  1. So glad you are advocating for all of our little, and not so little, ones. We are concerned too with t.v. lately. It seems like so many of these commercials are ill placed in shows that so many kids watch. I’ll start keeping track & keep you posted on what we see. Maybe your little uproar can grow to make a difference!!

  2. As I said on Twitter…..AMC execs are too busy selling blue Crystal Meth and fighting off Zombies to be concerned with your letter…..(#WalkingDead and #BreakingBad – 2 Best shows on TV for 2011!)

  3. Why not call your local news station and tell them the story. They might be able to track down a muckety muck to apologize to you.
    Maybe set you up with some dvds too!

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