This is not a real blog post. You should not read it. There is nothing interesting here.

This is a test.  It is only a test … to determine if the ODNT blog has been successfully listed to Facebook … as the administrator of the blog is tired of manually publicizing the release of every … new … post.  It’s 2012, for freak’s sake, and ‘manual’ (said with much contempt and sarcasm) has become a dirty word and should no longer be a part of the vocabulary of today’s lazy ass computer generation.

If you are still reading, we strongly suggest that you put down the laptop, the iPad, the smartphone or whatever other piece of crap you’re using to access this blog.

(dead silence … blink, blink)

Seriously, you’re STILL reading?  Dude, this isn’t like the end of Ferris Bueller.  We have NOTHING interesting to share here.  It’s not a real post.

Don’t you get it?

Go have dinner.  Walk your dog.  Hug your kid.  Play that musical instrument you’ve ignored for so long.  Clean out our freezer. Read a damned book. There’s nothing to see here, people. The ONLY purpose of this post is for the administrator of the blog to determine if she finally straightened this crap out.  I doubt she did.  Between us, she’s a bit of an idiot.

Please don’t tell her we said that.


9 responses to “This is not a real blog post. You should not read it. There is nothing interesting here.

  1. As a long time reader of ODNT, I’ve gone through this post several times trying to decipher the significance, looking for clues, attempting to decipher the vagaries,searchingforanswers,decodingtypos,cullingmeanings,questioninginterpretingdelvingjfa;ioslkuiou a09surhiokntnmgm

    and I have to ask WHATDOESITMEAN?!?!??!
    Also, don’t you just have to add it to “Publicize” in settings?

    Anyway, hope it worked. And good job turning nothing in to something!

    And it’s quite possible at least one of your readers is an idiot.
    yeah, pretty sure he knows…

  2. Hi There!

    “This is a test”…

    Thank you for the PSA (public service announcement). I’m writing to let you know I was hooked into this post from the first sentence. I could not stop reading. I fail at following instructions, even simple ones. Also:

    This is a test. How do I put a photo in the little square box to the left? 🙂 OR, is it an icon not designed for a photo?

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  3. I’m just checking in as person #3 to admit to reading the entire post.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. This is a test. This is only a test. Do not read further. I am attempting to add a photo in the gravatar or avatar box attached to comments. I am attempting to have photo automatically display w/ my comments.

    Testing, 1, 2, 3…………….

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