This is not a real post either. Do not read it. As a matter of fact, we forbid you to read it.

This is a test. Again. But the administrator here at ODNT is a complete dumb ass and has trouble accomplishing the simplest of computer tasks. The goal? To link the ODNT blog to the ODNT Facebook page so that a notification of every new post is listed automatically on the Facebook page and sent to all fans. (Are they still called fans? Does that sound pretentious? Should it be readers? Friends? Fools who clicked ‘like’ and keep forgetting to undo it and get on with their lives?)

Yesterday’s attempt to link the account was … as the kids are saying these days … an EPIC FAIL. And our ODNT administrator needed to take a little time off to pull herself together. The tears, the hysteria … it was ridiculous. And we were embarrassed FOR her. She was mess and we, as usual, were left to pick up the pieces. At this point, we don’t know how much more of her we can take and are prepared to go to the top of the food chain of this huge organization and propose an ultimatum.

It’s her or us!

Are you still reading this crap? We said it wasn’t a blog post. It’s just a place filler. And we have readers like El Guapo thinking that if you just take every fifth letter and string them together, translate it to Japanese and then back to English, that it might reveal a secret message. Perhaps even some kind of Horcrux. (We threw that one in for you, Guap … and all of the Harry Potter nerds out there .. of which we are clearly also labeled.)

Anyway, please … for the love of all things covered in extra cheese … say a little prayer, do a little dance or make some sort of inappropriate sacrificial offering that she gets it right tonight. We can’t take another one of her meltdowns.

And you’ll be left to clean up the mess around here from now on.

The Middle Management


8 responses to “This is not a real post either. Do not read it. As a matter of fact, we forbid you to read it.

  1. We’ll be sacrificing a chicken later on your behalf. Well, ok, it will be a midnight craving for KFC, and after eating, it will feel like we’ve been sacrificed, but still…
    K, gotta start counting letters now…

  2. Hi There!

    I got a photo now. My little tech issue is fixed…Your turn.

    I have a confession: I read the above post. Every god damn word. But, if it helps, I have already forgotten a substantial amount of the text.

  3. As a believe in Guapoian codification methods, he sent me here to verify his findings. Meanwhile, the title of this place is so good I simply had to visit – yet still blame Guapo.

  4. FB is run by aliens they are always changing the interface and fucking with the users. FrustrationBook – there’s an app for that.

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