33 Words of Snarky, Punctuating Banter

So, we didn’t win the last writing contest we entered. It’s no wonder really given the amount of impressive writers we were up against. Still, I was pretty proud of our submission. (It’s okay that I’m saying that, right? I’m really not a braggart.) Anyway … it’s time to get back up on that old proverbial horse (I sure seem to have to use that phrase a lot) and try again with the shorter assignment given in the Trifextra Weekend Challenge.

This week’s rules are a little different. All entries must total exactly 33 words and they must include “a justified exclamation point. Make us believe that your exclamation point simply needs to be in your story. The writer with the most believable exclamation wins.”

Oh, boy. (cough, sputter) I mean … oh, boy!!! (Where’s e e cummings when I need him?) Here’s our entry this weekend … entitled Punctuating Banter.

“What’s the assignment this week?”

“We have to do something with an exclamation point.”

“What the hell?”

“That’s a question mark.”

“I know that’s a question mark, you asshole! There’s your exclamation point.”

Check out the other entrants here … or submit one of your own and throw your hat in the ring!!! (Gratuitous exclamation points.)


33 responses to “33 Words of Snarky, Punctuating Banter

  1. Wonderful!
    Working on mine now. Doubt it will be near as good.

    • Oh, stop! You’ll probably write something about a surly restaurant patron being angry about finding gristle in his soup and make me snort Diet Coke out of my nose.

  2. Aaaack – ok – gotta do it too….im hooked

  3. Holy shit! Did you just call me an asshole?

  4. The name of your blog alone? Had to click. Very clever take on this, and I loved the belly laugh, so thanks!!!!! (count ’em, five) Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore
    Here’s mine: http://sharplittlepencil.com/2012/03/09/prove-it-trifecta-and-rush/

  5. Poor Alec Baldwin – LOLOLOL

  6. Appropriately snarky and exclamation worthy.

  7. You broke the fourth wall!

  8. I don’t get it.

    hahaha ~ j/k!
    nice one

  9. I enjoy this conversations with one’s self. Since I am a curious person, where do yours take place? Mine usually take place in the bath.

    • Yes. The shower is a frequent place for these dialogues with myself … as is the car and my home, both of which when I’m alone. And I should point out that, at some point during these conversations, I usually “wake” myself by eventually answering myself aloud and then realize I’m the only one there. And “the two of us” laugh … and laugh …

  10. I think the exclamation point is completely justified when trying to convey a certain emotion of a character—well done.

  11. Thanks for linking up again. It’s great that you’re on board and have become so active so quickly. For the record, we loved your piece last week and it was certainly discussed in dispatches before a final decision was made. This is another good piece and I love the humour in it. Great response to the prompt.

  12. LOL! This is great, I love your take on these challenges. πŸ™‚

  13. Loved this one. Perfect.

  14. THAT was funny. And it is exactly how I feel, so double kudos.

    • I could see any two of us having this conversation. Though sorry to everyone I just called assholes. You’re all winners to me! πŸ™‚

      (And, yes. That was a big, face-saving, tail-between-legs exclamation point.)

  15. Anyone who references e.e. cummings in a blog post is a winner in my book.

  16. Funny. Evelyn

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