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33 Words of Snarky, Punctuating Banter

So, we didn’t win the last writing contest we entered. It’s no wonder really given the amount of impressive writers we were up against. Still, I was pretty proud of our submission. (It’s okay that I’m saying that, right? I’m really not a braggart.) Anyway … it’s time to get back up on that old proverbial horse (I sure seem to have to use that phrase a lot) and try again with the shorter assignment given in the Trifextra Weekend Challenge.

This week’s rules are a little different. All entries must total exactly 33 words and they must include “a justified exclamation point. Make us believe that your exclamation point simply needs to be in your story. The writer with the most believable exclamation wins.”

Oh, boy. (cough, sputter) I mean … oh, boy!!! (Where’s e e cummings when I need him?) Here’s our entry this weekend … entitled Punctuating Banter.

“What’s the assignment this week?”

“We have to do something with an exclamation point.”

“What the hell?”

“That’s a question mark.”

“I know that’s a question mark, you asshole! There’s your exclamation point.”

Check out the other entrants here … or submit one of your own and throw your hat in the ring!!! (Gratuitous exclamation points.)


One more entry for the Trifecta contest … I couldn’t resist

Dave and my mother have since written their own entries for this weekly contest. It’s calorie-free fun and, since I refuse to download the Words with Friends app, please indulge me with my little writing games.  After all, it is National Grammar Day!

Remember the Rules: Everyone starts with the same 5 words and must turn it into his or her own story in only 33 words. The 5 introductory words are NOT to be counted in the 33 words. This week’s five words: “The phone rang at 4am.”

Here’s our second entry this week … entitled Following the Directions

The phone rang at 4am.

“Why the hell are you calling me this early?”

“Don’t blame me. Trifecta’s the one who said it had to be 4am.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. You should’ve just waited ’til the next contest.”

Don’t forget to go vote for your favorite!