My Trifecta for Trifecta – it’s the last one this weekend, I promise!

I had one more idea that I really couldn’t resist putting to paper (or screen … as it were) for this weekend’s Trifextra Challenge. This organization is all about threes anyway, so why not write a third (and final?) entry?  Let’s review the rules: The submission needs to be 33 words exactly and it should best demonstrate (of all entries) the proper use for an exclamation point

* * * * * * * * * *

Trifextra Entry #3 – The Audition

Jack: You can’t handle the truth?

Director: Good.  That’s very good, Mr. Nicholson.  But do you think you could try it again?  Only this time … you’re furious.


* * * * * * * * * *

And now, just for fun, let’s take a look at that memorable scene. That’s good stuff …


23 responses to “My Trifecta for Trifecta – it’s the last one this weekend, I promise!

  1. OK….that is epic….I suddenly feel the urge to do the same with “More Cowbell” and Christopher Walken….but I wont….

    • It’s a funny concept. I also considered doing it with Network’s “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” I just figured A Few Good Men would resonate with more people these days.

  2. Call me names, make me cry, and then make me spray beer on my keyboard. Damn it, woman!

    • You blame me for beer splattering on your keyboard quite a bit. Have you ever considered that it might be YOU who has the problem?

      It’s never WATER splattering on the keyboard. Or gingerale. Milk! Hmmmmmmm ……

      • I’m not a big fan of milk, unless it has chocolate and ice cream in it. Water is meh and gingerale is for when I’m sick. 🙂

  3. Definitely the winner of the three.

  4. PERFECT!!!
    Did you go for the 3 because it’s trifecta?

  5. Perfection! You’re absolutely right, no way this line would have become as famous had Jack said it in a questioning tone, heh. 😉

  6. good one! Jack should come with his very own exclamation mark if you ask me.

  7. You just keep them coming. Very cool.

  8. Haha! I like this one, too.

  9. Thanks for linking up to this weekend’s Trifecta. We’re happy to have all three of your submissions–and anyone else’s. The official rule is that you can have up to three submissions per challenge. I really liked this one. It kind of shows the importance of the exclamation point, doesn’t it? Hope to see you back again on Monday.

  10. Congratulations, ODNT!
    Great win!

  11. I absolutely love this. Besides who doesn’t remember that famous scene with fondness? Well done and congratulations on the win! Well deserved.

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