Check Your Email, Dude – Brotherly Love (Ep. 2)

You guys DO understand that we’re reading other people’s PERSONAL and REAL emails here, right?

Remember MY PLAN to rid the world of misdirected emails? Every time I get something good sent to me by mistake, I’m sharing it. Right here. In a new segment called Check Your Email, Dude (CYED).

You are now reading Episode #2 of the Jud & Bill series entitled Brotherly Love, chronicling the mundanely interesting goings-on in the daily lives of two brothers across the country from one another. For the last episode, click here.


[ Brotherly Love – Ep. 2]


7/21/11, 5:15pm


I hope that 16.6 body fat is all from a good brew. Went to see Mom today. She finally gave me the family recipe for making homemade beer in the bathtub. Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep Mrs. J out of the bathroom for two weeks while it ferments.  Thinking of telling her it is a tomato growing experiment. Now that you are knowledgeable in East Coast and West Coast life, do you think this would work? Let me tell you some history. She was really pissed when I tried to make moonshine in the backyard but not as pissed as in my younger days when she found out half my garden was that popular form of tobacco used in the late sixties and seventies.


Will Jud be able to brew his bathtub beer? What made him stop smoking pot in the 80s? Who the hell is Mrs. J? 

Stay tuned for more adventures of Jud & Bill in our next episode of Check Your Email, Dude


7 responses to “Check Your Email, Dude – Brotherly Love (Ep. 2)

  1. Ok, so I gotta know…Does Jud live on MY coast or the left one? Cuz I want to be his neighbor if he’s big into gardening and micro-brew….

    Just sayin’…

    Looking forward to part III, Lady!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA – that is epic…I have the same issue as my work email has a . “dot” between my first initial and last name, and people for some reason or another mean it to go to the the address without the dot, but put the dot in…I’ve gotten job offers (the person was obviously job hunting), a request to submit to a background check, little league schedules, etc…

  3. Someone alert the Mom of the Year committee…

  4. I don’t want to jump to conclusions just yet…but I am pretty sure this is the guy who lives at the top of our mountain. I’m going on clues like “moonshine”, “secret beer recipes from mom”, “brew”, and the fact he could keep “Mrs. J” from taking a shower for 2 weeks without too much resistance from her. There is also a chance Mrs. J might be some sort of animal…if I had to guess…it would be a pig.
    I can’t wait to find out!

  5. It’s a real possibility. When you come over from some Quinoa (please bring some ginger root), we’ll take a walk up the mountain so you can see what I am referring to. We are “transplants” who just dwell closer to the bottom of the mountain and don’t make eye contact. 🙂

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