Jud & Bill Contest Submission from Kari

I’m sharing an entry for the Jud & Bill contest submitted just under the gun by ODNT reader, Kari.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Michele,

Here’s my entry. It may suck, but it was fun nonetheless. Also, I did some searching on the internet. I found out some info about their emails while trying to figure out what I wanted to write. Then went a completely different way. Go figure. Here’s the answer to some burning questions.
“The Southern California Collegiate Baseball League beat the All-Stars from The Orange County Collegiate League on Saturday, 3-2, in walk-off fashion from a solo home run from Ryan Jones (Palm Springs POWER) in the bottom of the tenth inning….”
Figured you appreciate that since you have your own cow named after you. 🙂
Anyways, enjoy.


I think someone has been intercepting our emails. My guess is Mrs. Bossy Pants and Jean are in cahoots. They probably found out about each other. Jean set up my email account, and has my password. Maybe I should call her Mrs. Nosey Pants. (Smile) They would be ticked if they knew about Michele. (Swoon) She’s the one that really gets me. Did you know that she brings $5 on dollar beer night at the ballpark? She also stuffs her bag full of cheese for us to snack on. Looks like I’m going to have to change my internet or email address or something before Mrs. Bossy Pants or Mrs. Nosey Pants blow my cover. Maybe I can get Michele to help me. She knows how that internet thing works. By the way, the our guys won the game 3-2 in the tenth inning. Talk to you tomorrow.



5 responses to “Jud & Bill Contest Submission from Kari

  1. Bonus points for the extra credit work and your use of the word “cahoots,” Kari. It’s one of my personal favorites. Great entry. Thanks so much for playing!

  2. She captured their voices perfectly.
    Makes me wonder if Kari didn’t set the whole thing up…

  3. Ah…ha! Great Kari!!!!

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