13 Shades of Blue (For Trifecta)

It’s Trifecta Weekly Challenge  time. As always, the assignment is to create something between 33 and 333 words using a specified word and definition.

BLUE (adjective)

3  a : low in spirits : melancholy
    b : marked by low spirits : depressing <a blue funk> <things looked blue>

I think I strayed off the beaten path this week … as in I may need to start writing with a compass, a reliable walking stick and a small bag of bread crumbs.

* * * * * * * * * *

13 Shades of Blue

* * * * * * * * * *

It’s used to describe ANGELS as they jet across the sky

Or a BAYOU in a Ronstadt song from many years gone by

A BOOK with this descriptor lists a price tag for a car

And when it’s written before GRASS, think banjo and guitar


When Geisel used it for his book, it named the second FISH

It indicates a lunch special with PLATE, but not with dish

In the 60s, Vinton sang of VELVET of this hue

And Sha-Na-Na sang of a MOON of the same color, too


It aids in our technology when paired alongside TOOTH

And when it’s seen before LAGOON, it’s Shields and all her youth

When used before LAW, it means you don’t have to work on Sunday

Fats Domino even used it when singing of his MONDAY


But Trifecta doesn’t want the color definition

I must employ a different meaning for my next submission

Sad, low, melancholy is the order of the day

So, I sat down to write about the word without delay


The truth is that I know about this word a bit too well

For sadness drifts into my life and upon it I dwell

Until I find a way of coping, something to get through,

It’s nice to know you’re all here when I’m down and feeling blue

* * * * * * * * * *


30 responses to “13 Shades of Blue (For Trifecta)

  1. You’ve outdone yourself, from the lighthearted start to the heavier finish.
    Great job!

  2. Okay, ODNT, this was way beyond clever and I knew every single reference! I hope today isn’t finding you truly blue as your poem states. If so, cyber hugs sent!

  3. This is just great. I wasn’t expecting the more serious turn at the end. It was heartfelt and heart-warming, in a way. I hope the blue stays away for a while!

  4. I enjoyed all the references to ‘blue’ (including the play on the title)!

  5. This is magnificent! So clever and so sweet at the end. LOVE it!

  6. That must have been fun to write! Certainly fun to read.

  7. it’s funny to see how much a single word is incorporated into our everyday lives, and the last two stanzas flowed beautifully. a very apparent, yet nice tie-in to the prompt.

  8. That was most excellent….a winner by far….

  9. (claps her hands and wolf whistles) Brava!

  10. That was wonderful.Was reading it to my wife….almost made it through
    So beautifully done Michele.

  11. Very well done! 🙂

  12. Really clever! I didn’t enter Trifecta this week. I have been battling gum disease…it’s really been a nightmare. I wish I knew what to do….

  13. I like all the blue references, and the blue ending was just perfect. I hope you’re not feeling blue now.

  14. Such a cute and clever take on the prompt. It took me a minute to get Red Fish, Blue Fish. I’m glad you have a community to turn to during those blue moments. That can make all the difference.
    Thanks for linking up with us again. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  15. Very cool indeed. Iactually could have done with a title unrelated to that irritating book, but perhaps that is my own personal issue. Extremely clever, and the very purposeful twist at the end added just the right balance. Really great!

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