The Cat & The Hamster (An Original Fable for Trifecta)

Trifecta – On The Road edition. What do you do with the downtime you get at a writing conference in NYC? I mean … besides sifting through your cool, new convention swag* or buying a blingy Faux-lex watch from the drug dealer on the street corner.  Well, duh. You WRITE!

  • swag/swag/ – According to the Urban Dictionary … an acronym created by a group of men in the United States during the 1960s that means Secretly – We – Are – Gay.
  • A Note to my Readers … Please know I am using the more traditional interpretation of the word to reference the many stress balls, t-shirts, tote bags and flash light pens that you take home from a convention and not the Urban Dictionary reference above … which would totally change the meaning of how I spent my afternoon at an all women’s convention.

Anyway, Mel at According to Mags and I are taking a little breather in our room before we head back into the madness to celebrate the closing functions. (Bet they’ll outdo the ceremonies in London.) But first … we just wanted to take a moment to work up a quick entry for this weekend’s writing challenge. “Tell us an original fable in exactly 33 words.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The Cat & The Hamster

* * * * * * * * * *

“No, you can’t fit,” argued Cat. “I’ll bet you a week of seeds.” Smug with certainty, Hamster climbed willingly into Cat’s mouth. And the chewing began. “Dumbass,” laughed Cat. “Cats don’t eat seeds.”

* * * * * * * * * *




13 responses to “The Cat & The Hamster (An Original Fable for Trifecta)

  1. “smug with certainty” = best part

    loved it

  2. Oh little hamster, you could have taken lessons from a little yellow bird and learned to Tweety your way out of things.

  3. This was perfect. Sad, the hamster was so cute. I have to laugh at anything having to do with hamsters, though. I guess it’s all the jokes(?). Btw, the best knockoffs are in Chinatown.

  4. Silly Hamster, seeds are for birds.

  5. I can view it all the way you described it

  6. Nice! What other fate could there be for a rodent who spends all day frantically running nowhere?

  7. Made me laugh out loud but say “Aw !”

  8. It looks like Milo is eyeing up Herve. RUN, HERVE!

  9. No hamster no! Most times I am the hamster. So gullible. Loved your prompt!

  10. Dumbass indeed! LOL! Good job on the prompt!

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