10 Reasons I Like It When My Granddaughter Spends the Night (Guest Post by Gigi)

We’re in the final days for Blog Posts by Number Month!

To be included in our list of Awesome Bloggers Who Participated (yeah … that title is still in the works) on June 30, just write a numbered post. It’s easy. Write something like “Fourteen Alternative Uses for Soy Sauce” or “Nine Ways My Cat Reminds Me of Neil Patrick Harris” then let us know about it. Mel and I have been writing numbered posts all month. Scroll back through June to check them out.

Oh, and remember my mother’s guest post yesterday about my son? Well, of course, today’s post is about my daughter, her granddaughter.


1. I love her.

2. We watch a myriad of shows and movies on TV, but we often prefer to sing and play show tunes at the piano. (She sings. I play.)

3. She makes me laugh. She makes me smile. She keeps me happy.

4. We always have a late night snack.

5. She still loves hearing stories at bedtime (an activity started when her older brother was only two). Now, as she gets older, she also enjoys TELLING the stories. I like that, too.

6. She sleeps as late as I do. Actually, later!

7. She enjoys making her own meals, which quite often differ from the norm because she likes to search through the pantry and fridge for interesting ingredients that she can mix together.

8. She calls the “kids’ room” her own since her brother is rarely there. That’s where she spends time reading, watching her tv shows, or drawing pictures and fancy letters on her easel.

9. She still loves every stuffed animal she has ever received in her life. Many now live at my house in the kids’ (her) room.

10. I miss her when she’s not here.


June is Blog Post by Numbers Month. Wanna play with Mel and me? Just write a “listy-type” post with a number in the title (ex. FOUR Reasons I Love Mayonnaise, SIX Things You Can Do With A Paper Clip). Then link back to us and tweet us about it so we can include you on June 30th in our final list: (Number-Yet-To-Be-Determined) Great Bloggers Who Played the Blog Post by Numbers Game!

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One response to “10 Reasons I Like It When My Granddaughter Spends the Night (Guest Post by Gigi)

  1. I love this..I love that they enjoy time with your mom as much as she enjoys her time with them. When the boys run to my mom and dad , eager to hug them, I know how lucky we all are as a family.

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