His Stand Against Brussels (for Trifecta)

The Trifecta writing prompt for the weekend was pretty straightforward. Write exactly 33 words about rebellion and/or revolt.  Interpret it as you will.
I found an old picture and I just had to act on it. Thanks for the inspiration, my boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

His Stand Against Brussels

* * * * * * * * * *

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was an excellent eater. Until the day his mother tried Brussels sprouts. “NOOO!” he slammed his tiny fist. “I NOT eat that, Mommy.”

* * * * * * * * * *



30 responses to “His Stand Against Brussels (for Trifecta)

  1. I love this! Everyone should say not to Brussels!

  2. I am totally on board with his views on Brussels Sprouts. And he was incredibly articulate to boot! Nice one.

  3. “And I mean it too.” What an expression!

  4. I know exactly how he feels.

    • Yeah. Me, too. I can remember stuffing my cheeks full of them then excusing myself to go to the bathroom so I could spit them all down the toilet.

      (I wish I could say that wasn’t a true story.)

  5. The picture is priceless and I’d feel the same way. I didn’t grow into Brussels until I was an adult! “And I mean it too” is perfectly perfect!

  6. Too cute! Btw, I love the sprouts!

  7. awww that face!
    I was a strange kid. I loved brussel sprouts when I was a child. Now I can’t stand them xP

    • In fairness, this was the same kid who, upon being told there would be no more biscuits or fruit for breakfast one morning, opted for raw broccoli to start his day.

      So, you’re not weird in MY book. 🙂

  8. Kids are perfect for Trifextras. They say so much with so little. 🙂

  9. Love the picture! I can relate…still don’t care for Brussels sprouts. We’re on the same wavelength this week…I wrote about peas (another one of my faves :))

  10. Scriptor Obscura

    I actually like Brussels sprouts. I don’t know why there’s so much hate against vegetables these days. I think they’re really delicious, even just plain by themselves! I really like Brussels sprouts. Don’t be mad at me! I find the taste of cooked Brussels sprouts to be really good 🙂

  11. Scriptor Obscura

    Also, a lot of people seemed to be writing about how their kids hate certain foods this week, you, Janna, Barbara… Must be a common theme! 🙂

    • I saw that. Funny coincidence. I guess if my oldest hadn’t just turned thirteen, I’d have lots more stories of rebellion. Sigh.

      And I could never hate anyone for liking vegetables. 🙂

  12. kymminbarcelona

    Brussel sprout and pea lovers unite! Priceless photo, Michele.

  13. Sautee with pine nuts and bacon. THEN we’ll see who won’t eat Brussels Sprouts.
    And if he doesn’t, more for me.

  14. I don’t blame the little guy. I am 49 and I STILL hate Brussels Sprouts. I wonder who decided that those things are good to eat? Hmmmm, this gives me an idea for a post…one about how different kinds of foods were discovered to be edible…I love your blog, you are and have been for quite some time, an inspiration to my writings

  15. I hate brussel sprouts. They stink. And I don’t want to put anything stinky into my mouth…
    That Trifecta challenge sounds really interesting, I’ll have to check that out!

  16. I love this! How perfect for the prompt and the picture – everything! Although, I may be in the minority who says she likes Brussels Sprouts. Didn’t acquire the taste though until my late 30’s.

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