Let’s take a look at 2012, shall we? Wait … come back!

One year ago today, I wrote a little recap of 2011 highlights so it seems only appropriate that I do that again today for 2012. It’s a lot like looking at someone’s honeymoon pictures. It’s really more fun for me but you’re already here and I just put out the good towels and fancy soaps so you may as well as stay a minute and have a look, right? (Sound of door locking behind you.)

It’s hard to believe ODNT is 16 months old. We’re now walking and even trying to carry little loads with us from here to there. We really need to baby proof the place soon as there’s no telling what we could get into. We’re getting pretty adept with our fingers and can probably stack as many as three blocks into a tower or turn the pages of a book. And, apparently, we’re all supposed to know what to do with crayons by now. It’s been a fun ride to blog toddlerhood (blogglerhood?) … and here are just a few of the milestones we hit along the way this year.

Since its inception on 8/22/11 – we have gotten more than 86,000 hits. I have no idea how that compares to anything …. but it sure sounds good, doesn’t it? (The Bloggess probably gets this many each day before 8am.)

The busiest day of the year for viewership was September 10, right after I wrote a little recap for the Million Milf March(Hats off to my new friend, Hot Mess Mom. Thanks for including me in the party.)

The most viewed posts of the year:

  1. The Day Things Got Hairy at Disney World
  2. I Turned Down a Job Today. It’s Really Not What I’m Looking For.
  3. A Letter From Katrina to Isaac (Yes, I Mean the Hurricanes)
  4. Kids are Soft Today … and Here are Some of the Reasons Why
  5. My First Hate Mail at ODNT

The most commented on post of the year was The 30 People Who Can Share My Birthday Crown.

Our readers have come from 125 countries on 6 of the 7 continents. I’m still missing Antarctica … and Greenland, for Pete’s sake. GREENland! My whole freakin’ blog is GREEN. (Note to 2013 me: Break down barriers with Greenland. Bone up on my Greenland vernacular and pop culture icons such as Jesper Gronkjaer and Nive Nielsen.)

I want to thank most sincerely the biggest referrers to ODNT:

The five most popular searches for this blog (and I am omitting all “tit,” “breast” and “boob” references) are as follows:

  1. Kids Today Are Soft – The fact that the divide between my own childhood and that of my kids is so much greater than the gap between mine and my parents’ makes me feel … well … eighty.
  2. Posy Lane Coupon CodeRemember my towel wrap promotion? Bet these folks would love to know how much that post is viewed.
  3. Foods that End in O – Wow. I can barely believe this is even a thing, much less that I wrote about it.
  4. Hunger Games Writing Assignment – I wrote a couple of prequels, and so did about 65K other people.
  5. Kleinpeter Milk – Yay! Best Dairy Company in the World!

Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe tonight!


13 responses to “Let’s take a look at 2012, shall we? Wait … come back!

  1. I’m very happy to have you blogging in 2013. And hopefully way beyond. Happy New Year ODNT MRP.

  2. Great year behind you. Looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store!

  3. Can’t wait to hear about the new diets, outfits, trips and other weirdn- entertaining tales you have in 2013!

  4. congrats on the stats! I’m full of envy. I’ve been enjoying reading you!

  5. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms

    So the door is locked and you’re rambling on about a 1/3 birthday or something, but I only have one question. Where is the cake?? Ellen

  6. Found your blog via YNIHAYHT’s Blog Hop and love it! I look forward to reading past posts and getting up-to-speed with you AND your tits.

    • If you keep reading from the consultation visits where you are now, you’re probably going to be pretty surprised to hear what winds up happening. Thanks for stopping by. And commenting. I never tire of the interaction. 🙂

  7. kelleysbreakroom

    This was a great recap! You have really done so well for only being 16 months old. Does your mom know you play on the computer? Also, if you have any tricks for teaching 4-year-olds to write in well written paragraphs, let me know. Your mom must’ve really worked with you a lot! (Thanks for linking up with us at “Finding The Funny” this month! Hope to see you in February!)

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