Stolen Shoe Giveaway AND a Trifecta writing assignment

Anyone remember the mysterious shoes that showed up on my doorstep last month? And, more importantly, anyone remember when I learned they were purchased by my dumbass credit card thief and decided to give them away here at ODNT?

Well, ladies and gentlemen …. THE SHOES HAVE SPOKEN!!


So now, in a spectacular display of womanly multitasking, I will reveal the winner of the contest while also answering Trifecta’s current writing prompt: “This weekend we’re asking for 33 words about a new beginning.”

Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot

In an effort to cleanse the souls (or should that be soles?) of these ill-begotten shoes and give them new purpose, I have elected to award them to my daughter’s fifth grade teacher.


Here she is now. Enjoying them in all of their newly-emerged-butterfly purity.


Screw you, thief.


27 responses to “Stolen Shoe Giveaway AND a Trifecta writing assignment

  1. Ha!ha!Liked the “fun” element in this purification of soul/sole:-)Loved the last line-good rules!

  2. My hubby has a similar problem. He mispronounces words occasionally and he doesn’t read very much because he finds it difficult. When I first met him he said things like “pitcher” instead of “picture.” That one is a major pet peeved of mine and I corrected him right away. He still slips every now and then though. The English language is so difficult, it’s a wonder any of us can pronounce anything right at all! We’re not all linguists! Great post, love your writing style!

  3. missed all the “fun” of this . . . well done, ODNT . .. well done.

  4. I love this. Sometimes it feels good to just give stuff away…

  5. Awesome! What a fantastic nose-thumbing and forward-paying at the same time!

  6. Thieves are idiots. Several years ago, someone stole 2 credit card payments out of one of those blue mailboxes in front of the post office. Once of the checks they washed, they increased the amount it was written for…but the other one, they wrote for less than what I had written it for…by quite a bit. Never could figure that one out 🙂 I do thank them for the lovely interactions I had with my bank’s fraud department over the next several weeks. Yes, we became quite chummy.

    Glad someone deserving got the shoe (kind of like the Prince’s search for Cinderella…finding someone to wear that size and all.)

    • Thanks, Janna. I’ve never been a victim of the washed checks sting. That takes some serious balls. Sorry for your trouble, too.

      And I love the Cinderella analogy. Perfect. 🙂

  7. Glad someone is enjoying the shoes, they were lovely.

  8. Those are some fancy shoes! (: Jealous lol

  9. Glad you found a worthy recipient. However, you might have first inserted them, via a swift kick, in the dumbass’s, when you know..his dumb ass! But then, they might not have been as attractive to the 5th grade teacher. Great entry.

  10. Gah, I love those shoes. Really cool heels. I can’t imagine how you felt when they arrived.

  11. Good Karma. Funny story.

  12. Ah sorry about the shoes. Very cute (but I can’t do heels like that).

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