The Ghosts of Easters Past (The Good Kind, Not the Scary Ones)



Not only is this picture one of my favorite Easter memories, it’s one of my favorite motherhood memories. Back then, my boy took that orange Bear in the Big Blue House frying pan everywhere he went. And it was the only thing that kept him from completely falling apart that day on the Bunny’s lap.

That cranky 18-month-old boy is thirteen years old today. And he’s headed off to high school next fall. And yes … in case you’re wondering … I will most definitely be an emotional mess when that happens. Plan now to be dealing with crying-in-the-fetal-position-in-the-back-of-the-closet Michele.

Actually, I still have the orange pan. Maybe I’ll try clinging to it tightly as he walks on to his new campus next August.

This post was written in part for Mamakat’s writer’s workshop and in part because I am getting crazy nostalgic for my children’s babyhoods.


14 responses to “The Ghosts of Easters Past (The Good Kind, Not the Scary Ones)

  1. Happy birthday, young man!
    Sadly, the picture above is now enshrined on the internet for all time.
    Though even if it gets deleted, I’m pretty sure your mom will take it out at your wedding rehearsal dinner…

    • Today is not actually his birthday. Dave and I thought the same thing as I hit “publish.” Does it read that way? Yes. Was I too lazy to fix it? Also yes. I just meant he is now much older than the picture.

      Oh, and rehearsal dinner. Check. 🙂

  2. I love this picture, and that you still have his little orange pan. I might need to crawl onto the fetal position with you. They grow up way too fast. Happy Easter my friend.

  3. Did that frying pan inspire any culinary skills?

  4. I love the completely random items kids cling to at that age. So cute. Happy Easter!

  5. This picture is awesome! I give him credit for at least sitting with the bunny! My son (22 months) wouldn’t go anywhere near the bunny unless I sat there too. We are the proud owners of a pic of me smiling with a crying kid in my lap next to the Easter Bunny. I can’t blame him though, the Easter Bunny is super creepy…

  6. I love this picture! I have plenty of those too!

  7. At least he didn’t clock the Easter bunny in the face with the frying pan….

  8. I know how you feel in a way. My Ryan has been in high school for 5 years now, it seems like he just started (because he’s Autistic he’ll be there till 21 y.o.). Yesterday he was waiting for the Easter Bunny to come, so much so I got my older brother to bring Maggie his dog over to distract him a little. I guess what I’m trying to say is whether your child is gifted like your son or handicapped like mine, we’re all mom’s with the same feelings for our children. Happy Easter to you and your family. 😀

    • I totally agree, Barbara. Your baby is your baby. No matter what. And the Easter Bunny will still come for my kids when they’re 40 and coming back home with their own children.

      Okay. WHY did I just do that to myself? If you need me, I’ll be in the back of my closet openly weeping.

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