Lazing on a Wednesday Afternoon

Thanks, Freddie Mercury, for writing these lyrics and for allowing me to bastardize … plagiarize … get creative with them this afternoon. Posthumously, of course.

I’m feeling under the weather today and, as such, am medicated. Benadryled. Emphasis on drilled. So I’m trying to do a few things quickly before I doze off. And you guys are at the top of the list. (Bear in my mind, my kids just told me they were hungry. And I’m writing this little post first. That’s dedication. Or child neglect. You be the judge.)

Anyway, today’s post is going to be pretty darned easy. Why, you ask? (Somebody please ask.) Because I wrote the post a month ago for a writing friend of mine who goes by the handle, Hot Mess Mom. She’s traveling a bit this summer and asked a number of people to guest host at her website throughout the month of July. And I’m featured today.

I’ll tempt you with the title: I Am My Blog’s Bitch. Click here read it.

Geez, would you look at the time? I really have to go. The kids are hungry, the dryer is buzzing, the phone is ringing, the cat box is smelling … perhaps I should’ve taken something stronger.


2 responses to “Lazing on a Wednesday Afternoon

  1. Free tip of the day: When referring to oneself, never use the word “drilled”.

    • Oh, crap.. I mean “drunk” … “hammered” … “goofy on meds.” Did I write something stupid in my Benadryled state?

      Oh, well. It’s now on the internet. Which means it’s there forEVER! 🙂

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