Lights! … Camera! … Vivien!

Anyone remember the little video Vivien created for ODNT recently? She made a ketchup-flavored movie trailer with her friend, Alex. (That’s Vanessa’s girl for anyone paying attention to the madcap cast of characters around here.) Alex turned Viv on to an app called iMovie. It was $5. And I can’t believe I balked at it for even a second (I HATE paying for apps) considering she has made  SIXTEEN MOVIES in only 6 days.


We now have movies made about Dean, Dave, Milo, Herve, a pepperoni pizza, every friend who stopped by the house in the last 6 days, a stuffed camel, SpongeBob – you name it, she’s made it into a movie. And imagine my delight at being able to actually gift (a split infinitive – embrace it!) some of these little films to the friends who have been featured in them.

So, it is without any further ado, pageantry, or other incoherent and unnecessary verbosity that I give you two of Viv’s latest film projects, honoring the adorable little people of my wonderfully supportive friend, Mel.

Roll tape, please ….


5 responses to “Lights! … Camera! … Vivien!

  1. That is simply the best. ODNT Jr is rockin it. How proud you must be Michele

  2. ODNT Jr., we LOVE you oh so much! You’re so creative. And these made us all laugh AND get misty eyed. Your written introductions to each video or picture were perfect! Thank you for putting smiles on all our faces.

    Hi, Michele! Thank you for the sweet words and shout out!!

  3. Those were fantastic!
    Seriously, they look better than all the trailers in front of the last movie we saw.

    Can’t wait to see “Tucker and Mags Meet The Ketchup Sisters” this holiday season!
    (I hope it’s in 3D.)
    (And Smell-O-Vision!)

  4. i love this app too!1 i have made several trailers and am working on my first feature length movie. Great way to make a collage of memories with a fun twist.

  5. Oh my goodness. ODNT Jr.’s future is most definitely a bright one. I hope she bought some of those sunglasses. 🙂 I loved everything about them: the text, the music, the images. Thanks so much for sharing, and I can’t wait to see her future releases!

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