#BlogHer13 and the Amazing Technicolor Weekend

Once upon a time, there were two girls who blue into the Windy City.

BlogHer '13

Split a bottle of white at the Purple Pig


and donned their dress reds.


Orange you glad I shared?


* * * * * * * * * *

Trifecta Writing Challenge

“Give us a thirty-three word piece that has color in it.”


19 responses to “#BlogHer13 and the Amazing Technicolor Weekend

  1. Highlight of my trip.. Meeting the both of you.
    Creative, fun and wonderful. Xo

  2. Very colourful. Well done.

  3. This is a funny, punny piece. Love it.

  4. I’m glad you had time to ketchup.

  5. Best possible response to the challenge!
    Looks like you two are having a blast.

  6. Such a charming entry! And clever too!

  7. haha, that was cute. (:

  8. Orange I ever! Loved it! ;D

  9. The best BlogHer post I’ve red so far. Perfection.

  10. This is funny! I hope you had a good time.

  11. Love 🙂 It was SO good to meet you…had a great time!

  12. I was there too! It was great and fun and informative! I’m still unpacking all the swag. I was most impressed, though, with the amazing diversity on display. I’m happy to be counted in the group of talented women.

  13. You crack me right up. So glad to have met you…and thanks again for talking me off the ledge when I may or may not have shattered a bottle of RED all over the floor at a certain after-party. 😉

  14. You guys. YOU GUYS! I LOVE youz guys! Youz my girlz!! I’m sorry I missed ya at the cheeseburgher party. 😦 I got all caught up in yakkin’ in the lobby, had drinks and then couldn’t find the party. DOH! I had THE. BEST. time with y’all!!!! We all HAVE to go to Type A, yo!

  15. I loved watching your creative process in writing this. Very much like my own:
    1. Planning it out in your head.
    2. Sharing it outloud.
    3. Editing it a million times, four different ways.
    4. Come back to the very first version where you started.
    5. Write it up and publish.

    Very clever idea. Well executed!

    • You are too kind, but I think it’s a little more like this …

      1. Texting you endlessly about my “idea.”
      2. Deciding that texting isn’t salient enough and just calling your cell.
      3. Typing it up at 2am.
      4. Emailing it to you for unpaid proofing. (You should really demand a salary.)
      5. Making changes I never mentioned in the first place and pressing “publish.”

      Then finding a typo.

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