My Day in Pictures

6am – Waking up when it’s still dark blows.


7am – This shot is supposed to represent breakfast. Which I made for three people but skipped myself.


8am – Sometimes I’m jealous of moms living in nudist colonies.


9am – Finishing up an article and catching up with MamaKat.


10am – Would someone please put soap on the grocery list?


11am – Off to a freelance writing appointment. In my RENTAL. Grrr.


12pm – The welcoming private home where my appointment took place.


1pm – My lunch from The Green Fork. There’s spinach and avocado in that cup. And I love it. I just can’t always be around people a few hours later. (cough)


2pm – Thank you, Target, for not being Wal-Mart.


3pm – Checking my girl out early to make it to her volleyball game.


4pm – We WON!!! Also … they had NACHOS!!!


5pm – “Well, your dad’s not home yet so you’re stuck with me. Sorry!”


6pm – Fish tacos. I’m kinda proud of myself. Of course, if I hadn’t been chronicling my day, we probably would have had Hot Pockets.


7pm – Getting an estimate on redoing all the finishes in my hideous kitchen.


8pm – Taking a break from homework to catch up with Herve.


9pm – “You guys … nobody fed Milo today.”


10pm – “Mom! You’re finally reading it. What part are you on? Do you know about Vera yet?” my boy to his illiterate mother who managed to put off the book he has so wanted me to read for almost a year now.


11pm – Because without teeth, what are we really? Turtles? 


Midnight(ish) – Night, everyone.


This post was written in response to MamaKat’s weekly writing prompt“Take a picture every hour and show us what a day in your life is like.”

A rock star I’m not. My gig is actually way better.


That Suburban Momma

6 responses to “My Day in Pictures

  1. toothless turtles – tootsie pops!!!
    Were there avocados in the fish tacos as well?

  2. Fish tacos look delicious! Quite a busy day!

  3. Haha…turtles.

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  5. Thank you for giving a saunter through your day LOL @ Milo’s face
    Those tacos look delish

    Have a turtletastic week 😉

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