My Week Without Stress or Anxiety. Here’s How It Went.

stress /’stres/ n.

  1. a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.
  2. something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety
  3. physical force or pressure

Stress. I absolutely hate this word. Not because I don’t like the sound of it, like cloth or ointment. I really just hate it because it’s one of the most overused words in the English language. And, for the record, I’ll bet the words “estrés,” “le stress” and “stresas” are also sweeping the nations of Spain, France and Lithuania. Because it’s everywhere.

We all have stress, are stressed and feel stressed. We can be stressed out in general or stressed about something in particular. We stress over things but, at the same time, we can be under a great deal of stress. We get stress headaches, stress fractures, and stress knots in our backs and necks. We’re stress eaters. We measure our stress levels with stress tests. And, from there, we graduate to stress management. All the while craving stress relief. Because all we really want is to be stress-free.

And that’s what today’s post is all about.

Remember the conference I attended with Mel last July? The one in Chicago where we made connections with killer companies like Monster and others you’re going to be hearing about here soon? Yeah? Well, one such killer company (which is a weird way to describe them since they’re all about health and healing) is Boiron USA, a world leader in homeopathic medicine, something I’ve been into since becoming a mom. My kids used these natural alternatives as wee ones for everything from colic to teething to cradle cap. And, if they could use them, why not me?

Mel and I met their lovely rep at the Boiron booth and the three of us hit it off right away. I knew it was a match made in Heaven when she handed me a sample of one of their premier products.


“Wow! Say that three times fast,” we said. “Oscillococcinum, Oscillococcinum, Oscillococcinum,” she replied, with the ease of someone reciting a child’s nursery rhyme.

I was impressed. And now I couldn’t stop thinking of Beetlejuice.

After talking to her a while, we learned that Boiron actually has a whole online catalog of homeopathic remedies for everything from allergies to circulatory issues to digestive problems – to name only a few. She sent us away with a handful of products and encouraged us to visit their website to see if there were any other things we wanted to test drive. (Check out everything they have to offer!) Culling down the choices was no small task but we finally made our decisions. Mel wanted relief from her chronic headaches and I wanted to try something to quiet the voices in my headexorcise my demons … deal with my occasional case of (wait for it) the vapors. Everyone needs a little calming agent now and then, right? (Of course, right.)

So here’s what she sent me:


Anxious to get started, I dove right in. And did I EVER put that stuff to the test? Here are just a few things I’ve had to deal with since beginning with Boiron:

  • a five-hour visit to the DMV (yes, you read correctly)
  • a three-hour shopping “spree” at Wal-Mart
  • a car accident involving a valet driver wrecking my car
  • a visit to the insurance adjuster, body shop and Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • a new consultation with an orthodontist for Vivien (yes, she needs braces)
  • a child’s sickness involving a third trip to the doctor
  • single parenting as Dave had a work thing that took him out of town
  • PMS (there I said it, right here on the internet)

Q: Did the alternative medicine work?

A: Well, I would have to say … yes, it did. I was a little sleepy the first day, which probably had nothing to do with the meds. (Next time I have insomnia, I’m visiting you guys, DMV.) From there, I never felt sleepy and managed to move from one unsavory destination to the next without screaming any obscenities and losing my cool. I got a little sloppy with my dosages over the weekend. (That is one thing you really need to remember with alternative medicines. It’s often about maintaining natural levels in your system so the dosages are frequent and consistent throughout the day.)  As such, I did become “highly agitated” over misplacing my cell phone recently. “Highly.” Apparently, my phone is more important to me than my car, Viv’s teeth or cramps. Good to know.

Q: Would I recommend the alternative medicine to a friend?

A. Absolutely. But you need to keep in mind that, just as with prescription medication, every person and every situation is different. And what works for one may not for another. But it’s a very nice experiment that I would encourage anyone to try before considering stronger, more complicated options. What have you got to lose?

 Wanna try Boiron’s Homeopathic Meds for Yourself?

You can win a prize pack of Boiron’s most popular products including Oscillococcinum, Chestal cough syrup, Arnicare, coupons and the Easy Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, their consumer booklet that describes the benefits of homeopathic medicines and lists their full menu of products.

Click HERE to enter.


6 responses to “My Week Without Stress or Anxiety. Here’s How It Went.

  1. I love that company! Their teething drops, their arnica, their little blue tubes for a gazillion problems. And to those who sneeringly assert that it’s all placebo effect, I counter that babies and animals aren’t programmed by western society to expect a cure from a pill but they still benefit and often show immediate improvement with alternative meds.

  2. For the winners, will you have the kids cough/sneeze into the box before wrapping it up, you know, just to get things moving along?

  3. As I get older and see the pharmacy of medications my sisters are on, and have been on long before they were my age I lean more towards homeopathic medications. I know what we put in is a direct link to what our bodies give us back. I need a lifetime supply of the anti stress stuff lol..

  4. Say it 3x fast. DO IT! NOW! GO! 🙂

  5. We use their products in our house. I’m distancing us from as many Rx and OTC meds as possible. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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