“Save Anything” (Not to be confused with the 80s John Cusack movie)

I love food. All kinds. (Remember I’m from New Orleans.) And the idea of wasting it always upsets me. I’m the person who makes her family eat the leftovers. The one who crafts creative “recipes” with the odds and ends of the refrigerator and pantry. Who’s even been known to wrap up the remaining slab of the canned cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Sure, I’m frugal …. but I also LOVE FOOD! And I think it all should get the chance to fulfill its destiny and be eaten.

Enter the FoodSaver 2244, the “market leader in the vacuum packaging category in the housewares industry.” Mel and I are lucky enough to be reviewing this killer kitchen tool today. It couldn’t be any easier to use, by the way. Which is why this video of me using it is only 22 seconds. You’ve got 22 seconds, right?

Too busy to watch the video? (Liar.) Fine, here’s how it works:

  1. Place food in bag.*
  2. Insert open end into FoodSaver, close and lock.
  3. Press “vacuum seal.”

*When using rolls, cut to size needed for food plus three extra inches, insert open end and press “seal” to create a custom bag then follow above steps.

There are lots of longer, incredibly detailed videos on YouTube about using all of the different FoodSaver models. And if you ever find yourself struggling with insomnia, I highly recommend looking them up. Mine’s not going to win any Academy Awards either. But again, it’s only 22 seconds. Because that’s the actual time I needed to demonstrate saving that avocado’s life. (I know. I’m a hero.)

Other cool stuff about the FoodSaver:

  • All of their products are sold on FoodSaver.com but many can also be found at local stores like Target.
  • The system comes with a vacuum tube that works with its airtight containers.
  • Their bags and containers have been proven to save food five times longer than the tired methods I’ve been using for years.
  • It’s easy to take in and out of the cabinet for quick use because it’s compact and lightweight.
  • By eliminating the money spent on wasted food and offering the ability to buy in bulk confidently, FoodSaver can save the average family up to $2700 a year! (My family would love to save $2700 a year. What would we buy with that money? A quick Google search yielded “$2700 robot bartender.” Game on.)
  • The money you save using a FoodSaver enables you to buy a robot bartender. (Duh.)

Seriously, I see me getting right to work with this machine. Just think of all the delicious foods I could save! Everything from mango and pineapple to chicken and shrimp to pastas and soups. OMG, and the cheese! Great Caesar’s Ghost, the cheese! Gouda, Danish Bleu, Formaggio di Capra, Robiola Bosina … there’s so much to save … and so little time!!! (Actually, there’s plenty of time. Because, as I just demonstrated above, it only takes 22 seconds per save.) BUT I REALLY NEED TO GET STARTED …. NOW!!!


What? You guys know I’m kidding. It’s Herve, for Pete’s sake!

All in all, it’s a great product. And, like I said in the title, I really think it could “Save Anything.” Which reminds me, I did actually make one FoodSaver video for you guys. But it’s nothing like the others on YouTube. I’m a child of the 80s. And these are my references.

Forget Peter Gabriel. If I were wooing a new friend today, I’d totally bring my FoodSaver.

Wanna win a little something personal from Mel and me? Well, sure you do. We love you guys for reading. Which is why Mel and I are each going to make a little something special in our kitchens and send it to you … FoodSaver’d, of course. We’ll be taking entries through Thursday, October  17, 2013.


Good luck, guys. Until next time, I’ll be saving the world. One avocado at a time!


6 responses to ““Save Anything” (Not to be confused with the 80s John Cusack movie)

  1. your posts make me giggle. I love your little “pop culture heart.”
    and that pic of you at the bottom inspired by John Cusack (I had such a crush, still do) is the perfect smile for a Friday.

    I own a Food Saver and I adore it.

  2. Debating if I want to enter this one. Who knows what you would send me if I won. hmmmm

  3. I would definately use this for my tortillas, because I am tired of the edges getting hard.

  4. You are so fun and enthusiastic! haha! I just love reading your posts. Thanks for the smile this morning. kinda scared to enter….but I do love guinea pigs…..:)

  5. I would use the food saver daily, if I had one. It would be nice to have stuff last longer without having to do a weekly clean out of food that went bad too quickly~

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