Kiss Bad Hair Days Goodbye (aka The Blog Post Where I Sing)

Mel and I met a lot of great people at the BlogHer13 Expo in Chicago last summer. And one of the biggest exhibitors there had to be Kiss Products. Their friendly experts passed the hours styling hair, sculpting nails and elongating lashes. You were guaranteed to walk out of the booth looking better than you walked in.

They make so many different products (see for yourself) that Mel and I are writing two reviews for them. Last time, we talked about their home gel manicure kit but this time we’re talking about hair dryers … specifically the Kiss Tornado 360. (Read to the end for a special surprise. Two special surprises actually. One of which might just have you moved to tears … delightfully entertained … laughing in shock at my idiocy.)

Now, I’ll admit. When I first received my review product, I had no idea what a unique hair tool I held in my hands.  Yes, it’s sleek. Yes, it’s powerful. Of course, lots of hair dryers can make those claims. Right? Right. But they don’t all offer this next feature.

Here’s where the whole 360 thing comes in. In Suuuuperrrr Sloooo-Moooo.

In addition to the standard concentration attachment, the Kiss Tornado 360 also comes with a patented rotating air nozzle attachment. To quote their website, “The rotating air booster creates spiral airflow movement that evenly distributes heat and prevents the risk of spot heat damage.” You know what that means, right? It means you’ll never again burn yourself (or your child) by lingering too long in one spot. So it protects your scalp and your hair from heat damage. (Somewhere my daughter just let out a huge cheer.)

And there are lots of other great features about the Kiss Tornado 360:

  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • A cool shot button
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology reduces frizz & enhances shine
  • Thanks to the 360 feature, it dries hair three times faster because it covers an area four times larger leaving you more time to read quality blogs like &

Honestly, my daughter and I love the Kiss hair dryer so much that I was inspired to put it to song. So I dusted off my guitar and got to work. Wanna hear? (I’m just going to assume you are all nodding in enthusiastic unison.) Remember, I love my show tunes. Here goes …

Alright, fine. Maybe you’re laughing at me. But I bet you still want your own Kiss Tornado 360 hair dryer. And Mel and I can make that happen. Right here. Right now. Beacause we’re giving away two hair dryers to two lucky winner. All you have to do is click the link below.


Please note that, by simply clicking the ‘Tweet the Giveaway’ option,  you can earn TEN ENTRIES A DAY for this promotion. The contest ends on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Good luck, guys!


That Suburban Momma

11 responses to “Kiss Bad Hair Days Goodbye (aka The Blog Post Where I Sing)

  1. I bought a KISS Flat iron on the spot, at BlogHer. I loved it so much that I ordered it as I was standing at their booth.
    I adore it. I love all the KISS Products, my new fake eyelashes, my flat iron, the Kiss rubber mat to keep my flat iron was scorching my ceramic sink.

    and I would LOVE a new hair dryer. Plus after that song, how could I NOT enter?
    (your hair looks fantastic!)


  2. I would love,love, love to win this hair dryer!!! By the way…Awesome song!! 😉

  3. I just sat and watched your video with my 6yo (thankfully he doesn’t know the word tits yet, lol) and you are the cutest thing ever…and you SING!!! Wow. Well done! Now he’s singing to our dog to the tune of your song. haha! I’m glad I watched this cuz my hair drying has been smelling of burning hair lately. Not good. Me thinks I need a new one soon. I know just the one to buy. Thanks!

  4. You guys are too funny. I love that he sang to the dog. Sounds just like something we would’ve done and (let’s be honest) still would do around here to the cat. Or possibly the hamster. 🙂

    Be sure to enter the contest. Maybe you’ll win one right here. Tweeting the contest via the rafflecopter earns you ten entries a day. (I sound like a commercial.)

    Good luck!

  5. Found you over at Prowess and pearls! I will have to try that hair dryer. Take care.

  6. I LOVE IT!! “I don’t look like Charro…” *snort* You have a great voice girl. We’re gonna do some singin’ next time we see each other!

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