Assemble the Minions!

First, there were munchkins. Cute and industrious but some of them were downright surly.


Then, there were little Cinderella mice whose work ethic set the standard for diminutive helpers everywhere. But the threat of disease always loomed large.


And finally, there was a whole legion of small, orange men, dispensing condescending advice and life lessons in song, as they labored tirelessly in a very unconventional chocolate factory.


The world had never seen a more likable, disease-free and non-orange (’cause they’re yellow) group of underlings.


I so want a cute little army of doughy henchman! 

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Despicable Me 2, Universal Studios and Hostess are running a fun campaign right now called “Dress Up A Twinkie Like A Minion.” (Details below.)


1. Download accessories to Minion-ize your Twinkie:

2. Create your “Twinion.” (I know. That one bites. I’ll keep thinking.)

3. Upload a picture of your “Minkie” (sigh) and you could win a daily prize (Despicable Me 2 Blu-ray or a special offer from Hostess) or even the Grand Prize (a home theater system, a collection of 30 Blu-rays and a year’s supply of Hostess treats). The contest ends 1/5/14.

Seriously? They had me at Twinkie. (wipes drool) Fine. You know what? I’ll give it a go. How about … a Minion Family Christmas card? You know, with some of the goofy characters we already have here at the house.


Big props (HUGE!) to my friend, Mel at, for literally carrying me through this project.  Thanks, Mel.

* * * * * * * * * *

Don’t forget to enter the contest. That would be just … despicable.


3 responses to “Assemble the Minions!

  1. I LOVE those little guys and Twinkies! I am soooo in!

  2. YAY! I’m glad the crafting worked for both of us. Phew! 🙂 Great job on the post. Gooooo, Team!

  3. Ha! This is awesome, I might have to give it a try! You know you can buy a twinkie maker? You can make your own twinkies… I’m thinking chocolate twinkies! Miss you guys!

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