Spanx … for Dudes

Because I always appreciate a new product … and I aim to inform here at ODNT … I wanted to share my latest new product find with you guys. I’m not a Spanx wearer myself. I tried them once and spent the whole evening sweating and snapping them back into place under my dress. Plus, they didn’t actually make me feel thinner. They did, however, make me feel sleeker. Like a mermaid. Or an eel. So should that need ever arise …

Anyway, I came across a new Spanx line whilst I was out Christmas shopping this year. Yes, I said whilst!


Apparently, they come in three sizes … Game On, Get Tanked and Bring it! That last one is described as having “Hard Core Power” on the “Gut Gauge.” (Just because they use masculine words doesn’t change the fact that you’re a dude. And you’re wearing Spanx.)


Because sometimes even guys need a little control top. And it’s described as having “Super comfort down below – Fits like your favorite underwear.” (Um .. even if your “favorite underwear” is boxers?)


My personal favorite. It’s just the briefs. (So what exactly are they trying to slim down here?)


That Suburban Momma

2 responses to “Spanx … for Dudes

  1. Soooo, ummmm, yeah. I have a lot of comments, but none of them are appropriate. Especially the brief ones. :)))

  2. I need some slimming of… something something Pringles can… yeah, I don’t think this can be really commented on without… oh, never mind.

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