Did I ever tell you that ODNT wasn’t my first blog?

A few years ago … four to be exact … I got an idea. My kids were considerably younger, seven and ten, and thus my life ran at a very different pace. I had an idea to nurture my writing and decided to start a blog. I never mentioned it to anyone. ANYONE. And I only wrote one entry.

What a quitter.

The funny thing is … I was just thinking about that old blog recently and wondering if I could track it down on the information superhighway. My head was swimming with questions about it.

Would it still be there?

Would it be at all interesting … relevant … and similar to me now?

And would anyone (anyone???) have stopped by to say hello?

The answers are yes. Yes, yes, yes. And a big … fat … deafening NO!

Still, *I* enjoyed reading it. I expected to cringe at my thoughts, my word choices and my jokes … much like I do with some of my early entries here at ODNT. But I didn’t. I actually liked how I wrote it. Honest and simple. With such a clean, legible design. (Spoiler Alert – this website hopes to be a lot less GREEN in 2014. And, by that, I mean in color. Not that I’m going to start burning fluorocarbons and switch to aerosol deodorant.) And I entertained a lot of names for it. Many of which (shhh!) I like much better than the one I’m using now. So many people find my current blog for all the wrong reasons. (Sigh)

Anyway, it’s just a little glimpse into who I was … four years ago today … that I forgot about until very recently. That blog has never been listed on any directories. It’s never been nominated or won any writing or blogger awards. It’s never even been read by anyone else. Until today.

Wanna see? It’s called Playing it by Ear. But the URL is actually my name. Why it isn’t the name of the blog, I cannot tell you. I had no idea what I was doing that afternoon. And I wonder what I should do with it now.


The woman who was writing to you then. Her hair is two-toned, she exercised more and her babies were both still considerably smaller than she. Plus, she’s in London. (I hate her!)

Happy New Year, ODNT & PIBE readers!

(Wow. That new acronym is one letter off from being really, really gross.)


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8 responses to “Did I ever tell you that ODNT wasn’t my first blog?

  1. I have another blog too. It will be exactly four years old too in September. I had to make it for my Grammar class during my senior year of high school. I had never heard of a blog before, but when we started them I couldn’t stop. I loved it so much that even after that class, when others abandoned theirs. I still kept up with mine and used it until 2011 when I switched to a new site and made the one I’m using now. I feel like that one is the old me; I used it for pictures and small thoughts. Nobody in my family except maybe my sister and cousin (only because they had blogs back then too) read it. I haven’t visit my other blog for a while. It might be a good thing I don’t know the password to it or I’d delete it. Lol

  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  3. Nice. I think you should use it to sell butter and margarine. “Ear” could be ears of corn that you put butter or margarine on.

    Or, how about a really good idea? Hopefully someone will come up with one.

  4. Ah, that reminds me of my old LiveJournal. I read it & cringed! I was weird & I don’t know why my friends didn’t tell me. I’m jealous of your old self too. LONDON?! Man oh man.

  5. Happy anniversary and new year!

  6. I can only imagine the “search terms” you see on your WP dashboard for ODNT! That I’m sure is a post all to itself. A very funny one….

  7. I love the potential blog names on Playing It By Ear! They sound like you could still use them for some of your posts on this blog:). When I read over my blog name list, I am SO glad I did not choose most of them and you will not see them as a title to anything on my blog (thank GOD!). That is pretty cool that you came back to it and look at you now! Woo hoo!:)

  8. It’ll be fun to go back and read your first blog. Happy anniversary! What a great family pic.

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