I Broke a Personal Record Last Weekend

I am a child of the 80s. And everything that came with it. I listened to homemade mix tapes (usually peppered with Casey Casem’s voice) on my walkman, I wore acid wash Guess jeans with zippers at the ankles and I sure as hell wanted my MTV. I also had about 57 different celebrity crushes back in the day. So when the opportunity to see a whole slew of them (what’s the plural for teen idols? a bevy? a gaggle?) all in the same film presented itself back in 1983, my friends and I stood in line at the movie theater to buy a ticket. Actually, we stood in line four times to buy a ticket.

Anyone remember this timeless classic?

I had a cat named Sodapop. I think that perfectly demonstrates the extent of my commitment to this movie.

It was a golden era. Rob didn’t have a criminal record, Tom hadn’t started worshipping aliens, Patrick was in peak health and C. Thomas hadn’t donned blackface for one of the dumbest, least-credible and most racially offensive movies of all times. Yet.

But, as the film taught us, nothing gold can stay. And time marches on. But I so loved the movie. Which is why I saw it in the theaters more times than any other film in my lifetime. Until now.

Because I now have a daughter who loves movies … and young actors … and interesting stories about troubled kids … stories that get their roots in current kid lit. Which is how I broke my record. Just last weekend actually. When … for the FIFTH time … I saw the second film in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire.  Here’s its WAY more intriguing trailer.

Now, before anyone thinks I’m an extravagant spendthrift, please allow me to “defend” myself and tell you a little about my five moviegoing experiences.

Viewing #1 – Opening night. A local theater was offering a double feature with the first and second movies. They had giveaways, trivia contests and prizes. Viv and I went together. It was held on a school night. I won the cool mom award that evening. (Paid by me)

Viewing #2 – One month later. My son has actually read all the books, too. And, while he isn’t the super fan my daughter is, he wanted to see the movie, too. So Viv and I brought him. Two times to the same movie isn’t that weird, right? (Paid by me again)

Viewing #3 – Vivien asked my mom (Hi, Mom!) for a movie gift card for Christmas so she could see the movie again. It was one of the top items on her list. And she got it. So what was I to do? (Paid by Viv’s grandmother)

Viewing #4 – Intrigued by Vivien’s obsession with the trilogy (she’s read each book multiple times), my mom started reading the series as well. When she finished the first book, we all watched the first movie (which we, of course, own) on DVD. When she finished the second book, she offered to take Vivien and I to see the movie with her. She knew I’d seen the movie three times already, so she treated. (Paid by Viv’s grandmother again)

Viewing #5 – With the holidays behind us, school back in session and the movie only playing in two theaters in town, I thought my big screen Catching Fire days were done. Then my dear friend (Hi, Heather!) gave us our belated Christmas presents. And what do you think she gave my daughter, her Godchild? Yep. A gift card to the movies which, at Vivien’s request, we used the very night we opened it. (Paid by Viv’s Godmother)

And, with that, history was made.

I broke my own personal record in the category of Number of Times Seeing the Same Movie in the Theater. (Shut up. It is SO a thing.) Honestly, besides getting to see my daughter light up like a Christmas tree five times, I love that I did it  … because I’m pretty freakin’ sure I’ll never get to six.

But then again, the third book has yet to be made into a movie. (sigh) Okay, Vivien. Game on.

For MamaKat’s writing prompt: Write something inspired by the word golden. 


9 responses to “I Broke a Personal Record Last Weekend

  1. The Outsiders is still one of my favorite books. And Ralph Macchio (Well let’s just say I still wouldn’t say no..)
    I have seen Frozen three times in the theater..and I can’t remember the last time I did that. (I didn’t have children and I bought more expensive shoes is my guess)

    I love that you saw it as many as times as you did and you’re not apologizing for it, things that make you happy should always be ENJOYED.

    (we’re going to see Frozen again with the boys this weekend for the sing along (with gift cards from Christmas) because Gio can’t stop singing “LET IT GO”.)

    • Did you see my last post entitled “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Viv & I love that movie, too. And we’re also also considering going to the singalong this weekend. I’ll be the loudest fool there.

      You DO know that Frozen is going to Broadway, right? (Yay!)

      • I DO know and if you come up yonder ..I promise to save my pennies and cry right alongside of you as we watch it from the 2nd row. (ahem!)

        Frozen is the good thing in my life right now,, the one thing that distracts and comforts me. Would I like to build a snowman , HELL YES! (even in this freezing place up here)

        Also.?? did you get my email about quotes, my birthday and how I want you at the party?

  2. Ok. What’s the third line Peta has in the movie? (I figure you have to know the movie by heart now. 😉 )

    • Here’s the deal, Gene.

      If memory serves, Peeta makes his first appearance in the movie saying something like “Asked me to do what?” to Katniss and Haymitch. Then, I think his next line is a chilly “Would you like some bread, Katniss?” And the third line, the one you asked for, is addressed to Caesar on camera and is “We’re good. Things are great in 12.” For the record, his fourth line is something like “25 yards to be exact.”

      How’d I do?

      • Fantastically amazing!

        Wow! You hit it out of the park! My favorite line was when Peeta asked Katness to dance. It was a very diplomatic exit from a sick social moment.

  3. No condom commercials any of the 5 times right? Is that a record as well?

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