10 Funny Things My Mom Had to Say About My Last Post

As I was flipping through emails during play rehearsal this afternoon, I found one from my mom. It was titled “My lists.” I assumed it had something to do with our laundry list of errands to take care of this summer. I was wrong.

She had just read my latest blog post and thought it was time she wrote one of her own. Color me surprised … and happy … and so freakin’ relieved that I actually might not have to write one tomorrow. “Awesome! Can I use on ODNT? I’ll feature it tomorrow if you say yes. P.S. Please say yes.” said me. “If you really like it, and think it’s good – then yes,” said she.

And with that, a guest post was born. From my mom (AKA Gigi). Thanks, Mom.

Five Reasons Why This Grandmother Should NOT Attend Her Granddaughter’s Recital:

1. The bathroom isn’t located at the end of the aisle.

2. At least 34 of the 40 or so numbers do NOT feature my granddaughter.

3. I always wind up sitting behind dutiful dads with heads like windshield wipers.

4. My ears have not yet learned to appreciate or even tolerate rap or hip hop music.

5. I know I’ll be sorry the next day because I munched on junk food contraband in my purse for 4 1/2 hours.

Five Reasons Why This Grandmother SHOULD Attend Her Granddaughter’s Dance Recital:

1. Vivien was beautiful, happy, and talented.

2. I got to sit next to my grandson the entire time.

3. Several of the ballet, musical theatre, and tap numbers were very enjoyable – especially the baby classes.

4. I used the non-Vivien time to delete many old texts and emails from my phone and to check Facebook.

5. I got to eat junk food for 4 1/2 hours.


The subject of this post (left), the author of this post (right) and some sleepy fool in the middle. Circa, um, a few years ago.


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3 responses to “10 Funny Things My Mom Had to Say About My Last Post

  1. Honestly, Gigi! I love your reasons for both sides! I’ll admit the junk food one made me laugh out loud when you brought it full circle. And I teared up when I read your reason of being able to sit next to your grandson. You are a natural blogger. When are we setting you up with one?!? Let me know. I’m there. We can volley some names!

    Great post, Gigi!! 🙂

  2. Love it. We just sat through a very long recital ourselves, but it’s so worth it for those little moments of sparkling happiness! 🙂

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