SIX Dance Recital Costume Changes

Quick! What do you do when you have a work assignment, volleyball camp, play practice and a four-hour dance recital for which you must actually be there helping for eight hours … and you’ve promised yourself that you’d follow through on this dangblastedWAY stronger word than dangblasted … fun and creative daily Blog Posts by Numbers thing?

Duh. You find your post from the activities in which you’re already immersed.

And, with that, I give you, Vivien’s SIX Dance Recital Costume Changes. (I think she’s ready to host the Oscars.)

1. Jazz


2. Song


3. Tap


4. Musical Theater


5. Ballet


6. Finale


I’m so proud of that kid. She performed beautifully last night. Oh, and I want to send a special shout out to Miss Jaune, Viv’s adorably talented dance teacher and a supporter of ODNT. Congratulations on another great show.


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6 responses to “SIX Dance Recital Costume Changes

  1. How adorable is she??!!!! She will be performing professionally someday, I bet! So great!

  2. Vivien is just so beautiful! That is one talented girl you got there doing so many different kinds of dance! I was in dance at her age, but only did half of what she’s doing. And go you! It’s not easy being dance mom.

  3. The American costume is so cool. Love tap! And, you look BREATHTAKING, ODNT Jr. 🙂 As always. I wish we were able to be there.

    Much love!

  4. She’s beautiful and she made those costumes even more stunning.
    I missed my dance hall days very much as I scrolled down, yearning for my own tap shoes, my pointe shoes and the excitement of opening curtains and final bows.

    Plus: her smile! Such a consummate and talented performer already.

  5. I feel your “busy-ness”!! I have 2 girls and five boys…. we’re busy singing, dancing, baseball, softball, football, you name it, someone’s in it! The only thing I lack is a bright yellow paint job for my taxi!

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