Here it is. The Final Blog Posts by Number Entry! For now …

Has thirty days really gone by? Gosh, I barely noticed. These thirty Blog Posts by Number entries feel like they’ve literally written themselves.

(checking over both shoulders to see if anyone else is still listening)

Did that sound believable? Good LORD, that was difficult. Taking all those pictures … attempting (oh, and I DO mean attempting) to be clever … just coming up with thirty freakin’ ideas was haaaaaard. Actually, it was 26 from me and 4 guest posts from my mom. (Thanks, Mom.) Regardless, it was a real challenge and, while I’ll miss it, I’ll also NOT miss it. Perhaps now I can get back to washing my hair regularly (ha!) and getting a full night’s sleep (double ha!).

Now you’re picturing a sleepy, dirty-haired woman sitting at the computer for 30 days. Which is not entirely inaccurate.

Anyway, here we are. June 30. The last day of the month. The last day of Blog Posts by Number and we promised you a list, didn’t we? Well, guess what? I’m not going to give you a list. (crowd transforms into angry mob and gavel is banged on podium) (three times)

I’m giving you TWO lists!

(sound of deafening applause fills the room, at least in my head it does)

First, we’re going to talk about Mel and the many funny lists she provided us with for the month of June. Did anyone know she actually worked full-time half the month AND (get this) changed residences from one state to another? And she STILL managed to get her posts in. Color me impressed. (And royal blue. I look pretty good in royal blue.) So, as list number one for this post, I give you … in my opinion …


BPBN = Blog Posts by Number

  1. 5 Ways to Spice Up a High School Awards Assembly
  2. Five Reasons Why This is My Most Favorite Gift Of All Time
  3. 5 Ways Moms Are Like Jack Bauer

Honestly, it was hard picking just three. She had so many cute kid-isms, a funny guest post by her husband and even a birthday post to me that would be entirely too self-serving to list here. (cough) So I’ll just link it.

Thanks, Mel, for joining me on this little writing adventure. Let me know when you’re ready for the next one.

And now for the list you’ve all been waiting for. Who actually participated in our little  torture tacticmasochistic exercise … writing game? The following list represents some of the most supportive bloggers out there and, to them, Mel and I offer our most humble and sincere thanks for playing along. We hope you guys enjoyed it (I was kidding before … mostly) as much as we did.


(We love you, guys!)

Oh, and one more thing. A special commendation goes out to Shannon Adams-Mercer. Seriously, that “Radio Chick” managed to crank out a great post every single day. Shannon, Mel and I are putting you in charge next time. Oh, and we wanted to give you this little token of our appreciation. Feel free to use it on your blog and throw it around wherever you like. But beware. With this honor comes great power. (room falls into a hushed awe)


Okay, dammit. You know what? I will miss it! (flees room in tears)

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3 responses to “Here it is. The Final Blog Posts by Number Entry! For now …

  1. Thanks you, ma’am! These were some of my faves, too. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring a lot of my posts, as well. Like the School Assembly one. I would have completely forgot to take pics of us dressed up in each outfit if you hadn’t reminded me. You’re the best!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Michele! Honestly, you two ladies are the reason I started my blog, and it was an honour to be involved in this challenge hosted by you. You rock! 🙂

  3. I love getting in just in time. I like to think of it as being clutch. But that would be a sports analogy, Michele, and I know how that makes you feel all tingly.

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