#KetchupWithUs 50 – The Last Link-up. For Now.

Alas, my friends, it’s time for Mel and me to put the cap on the old ketchup bottle. Oft called the little writing prompt that could, Ketchup With Us was born over drinks (and I’m pretty sure some fancy cheese and olives) in New York City back in 2012. It began as a quirky idea that challenged two friends to don a ketchup costume in as many crazy and inappropriate situations and places as could be imagined. We definitely tested the limits our own creativity, courage and dignity along the way. Because Ketchup is and has always been about thinking outside the box bottle … and not taking yourself too seriously, something I suspect we’re all guilty of from time to time.

Over the last two years as human ketchup bottles,

We’ve visited historical places …


… and followed in some pretty famous footsteps.

We’ve been introduced to a slew of amazing celebrities …


… and some pretty great locals, too.

We’ve learned how to kick ass and take names …


…. how to serve our fellow man


… and how to cause and feel pain.


We’ve gotten into trouble here and there …


… where things got a little hairy


But they always settled down again. Because KetchupWithUs has never been about stress.


But it’s always been about two fools in ketchup costumes coming up with new ways to write and have fun doing it.




Thanks for riding shotgun, Mel.


Just remember, today is not goodbye. After all, Mel and I still each own a (smelly) ketchup costume and you just never know where those things might resurface. But, for now, we’re taking a little break and hoping that everyone will stay in touch. We’ve had the honor of meeting some very talented people over the course of our two-year journey and we don’t plan to let go of you without a fight. Or at least a little light begging.

In the words of my ridiculously-supportive friend, Mel … “Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep laughing.”

Love, Mel and Michele

Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer from last time is …

Elleroy was here


Click here to read how this foolishness all began.




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Share your favorite or most popular post of your entire writing career.  Or, as always, whatever you want.


Thanks for spreading the love with our little venture.

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2 responses to “#KetchupWithUs 50 – The Last Link-up. For Now.

  1. I will miss this hop. It was the first one I EVER participated in after I started my own blog over a year ago. I’ve got a special #50 for you guys, it’s just gonna take a little bit of time. But it’s coming! Thanks for inspiring me to write a little more and be a little more creative. Nope, I’m not gonna tear up, nope, not gonna do it….okay, I’m a sap. You ladies are awesome!

  2. Where do I begin? Perhaps at the DM you sent me that asked me if I would be willing to wear a giant Ketchup costume with you and tromp all over NYC. And there was no hesitation in my answer because I knew it would be a blast…with you. We gained some serious confidence in NYC, scarred some little children and upstaged the Toy Soldier guards in front of FAO. We laughed at each other, ourselves, but most importantly…we belly laughed TOGETHER. Ketchup has seen us both through some ups and downs, hospital visits and sick kids, basketball games and boy scouts, dance rehersals and recitals. We proposed the craziest of ideas and fulfilled most of them the best we could.

    I love you, friend. Thank you for helping me to make fun of myself and have FUN! Still…those Prada shoes. Sigh. I still drool thinking of them. 🙂 xoxoxo

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