The Stupid Facebook Quiz Result that Actually Bothered Me

If you’ve ever played around on Facebook for even a minute, you’ve likely taken at least one mindless quiz to determine what Saved by the Bell character you are or what type of cheese most complements your skin tone. Have I ever taken one? Sure. Just a few though. Because most of them look pretty stupid and I don’t always identify with the parameters (Game of Thrones characters, aura colors, etc.) being measured.

Until I ran across one designed to determine the date of my death.

I can’t remember who shared it first but he or she had the year 2056 as the result. The quiz was trending so I saw lots of death dates in years like 2037, 2042 and even 2076. I was in Memphis visiting Graceland with my mom and Vivien at the time waiting to get something to eat when I pressed “Start the Quiz” (or whatever the stupid button said).

Imagine my surprise when I got THIS result.


If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that it freaked me out a little. Of course, it also embarrassed me that it freaked me out at all. I mentioned it to my mom and she did exactly the right thing. She didn’t make fun of me. But she did assure me that these things are all crap. Which I know. So why in the hell did this ridiculousness bother me for even a second?

Maybe it’s because I’d just learned I had less than three months to live.

Maybe it’s because I wouldn’t even be making it to Thanksgiving. (Dammit. I usually host Thanksgiving!)

Or maybe it’s because the quiz didn’t even respect me enough to give me a cause of death. “Due to some health problem?” Thanks, Quiz Makers. How do I know what habits I should start/stop doing to prevent my looming demise?

But it’s all poppycock, rubbish, hogwash …. right? RIGHT?!!? (faking smile)

* * * * *

What do you guys think? Should I live the next five days as though they’re my last? Or should I be ashamed I even wrote this post?

What would YOU do if you only had five days left on Earth?

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16 responses to “The Stupid Facebook Quiz Result that Actually Bothered Me

  1. Damn girl, you look good for someone on her last 5 days!
    It was a FACEBOOK QUIZ. They are strictly for entertainment. The sicko that allowed the computer to spit back this result must live in his parent’s basement and he wants to die this week. Keep doing what you are doing and find out which One Direction member you are going to marry already.

  2. Umm…no. These are NOT reliable quizzes. Just the other day FACEBOOK told me that the DIsney Character that I most resembled was Cruela Deville. I mean…REALLY?!? Of ALL the Disney characters, I get the lanky, grumpy, delusional lunatic wearing animal print? Oh. Wait. Hmmm…errrrr…this is awkward.

    Love you!

  3. just a thought – there’s a poor gal out there somewhere with your name who is unaware that her days are numbered because she didn’t take the quiz. She’s out there sinning like crazy because she doesn’t have a clue that the date was meant for her.

  4. Tell my loved ones that I ❤ them. And play Pokemon 🙂

  5. I love the new look!!! I can’t rely on FB. It tells me in one quiz that I had a really high IQ- like really high! Nope- don’t believe it! Sure I am smart (hehehe) but not that smart:)

  6. Have you seen the movie Life or Something Like it with Angelina Jolie? If not, check it out. It’s worth watching ( or listening to) just for the music it has in it. Perhaps it is just the life you have and know will change, and even better things are in store for you and your family.

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