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I’m Giving Away Hugs. Who wants one?

That’s right. We’re talking about hugs today. How simple is that? And when I say “we,” I mean my friend, Mel and me. And when I say “hugs” I mean one of the cutest little innoventions to hit the shelves lately.


Introducing the Embracelet

Created by two enterprising moms, this special bracelet was designed to promote and encourage positive interactions with your kids and other loved ones. There are twenty-five beads on the bracelet and the wearer is challenged to have a special moment (hugs, smiles and other little acts of love) with their little people before each day is done. The ladybug clip moves over one bead for each of these daily milestones.

About a month ago, Embracelet creators Tina and Lisa (huggabuggakids.com) contacted Mel and me about doing a review on our blogs … which meant we each got one of these cute little things. (Yay!)


Anyone who knows me at all knows that this kind of jewelry is right up my alley. Case in point: Also pictured is my 10-year anniversary band from Marie Laveau’s Voodoo Shop right here in New Orleans. It was $10. Dave has no idea how lucky he is. But I digress …

The bracelet … excuse me, I mean the EMbracelet is precious. It’s got a nice weight to it and each clear bead is dimpled to give it a little texture. And the pewter ladybug is just adorable. The whole thing is very sturdy and well-made.

But, Michele, does it work?

Honestly? YES! It has made me stop and appreciate not only my kids but also my husband, my family and my friends. And (gulp) you know what I realized? I don’t EVER have twenty-five meaningful moments with my loved ones in a given day. (My bracelet should probably have black beads and a stink bug on it.) So, I’m working on it. Who among us can’t use a little self-improvement, right?

And that’s why I’m giving YOU the same chance! Mel and I both are actually. Just tell me in the comments below why you want an Embracelet of your very own. We’ll each be randomly drawing a name from our commenters. For those impaired mathematically, that means we’ll have TWO winners. So, get cracking! The deadline for entry is noon on February 1st!

If YOU win the Embracelet, who will you hug first?

* * * * * Got five seconds? * * * * *

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I need this, people! Before somebody gives me a STINK BUG bracelet. One gut punch for every bead!

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