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So You Think *I* Can Dance???

Okay, let’s get right down to it. I’m in a play. With my daughter. She LOVES live theater (thanks to me) and has learned to appreciate viewing it from the audience as well as from a position on the stage. She’s actually done quite a few shows compared to me at her age. Most of my experience came during my teens and twenties, but I’ve been in a show here and there since becoming a mom. The last thing I did was Tony & Tina’s Wedding. No singing, no dancing and a very loosely structured “plot” that encouraged comedic improvisation. Great for someone without a lot of time to prepare.

But that’s SO not the case now.

Vivien and I are currently in rehearsals for a huge musical production entitled Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by a little-known composer named Andrew Lloyd Webber. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? (Wink) This show doesn’t know the meaning of improvisation. And the singing? It’s a continuous, multi-layered chorus of harmonies, varying genres and changeable tempos and rhythms enough to test any performer. Even the lyrics can be challenging.

You’ll see when you get to 2:45. That’s 57 colors spat out in rapid succession. And, yes, there are moves to go along with all of it. … MOVES!

Honestly, I’m not too worried about the singing. But the moves, dear Lord, THE MOVES! Also known as dancing. There is just so much dancing in this show. From the Charleston to the Jitterbug, from Apache to Calypso, from Western Square to 60s Go-Go. And then there’s me … floundering like a fish and just trying my damnedest not to fall off the stage … or worse … knock someone else off. Allow me to demonstrate my abilities with this video.

Keep your eye on Bobby during this number. I wanted to single out a particular moment but there were just so many. He is constantly a beat behind the others and actually stumbles a few times. Not that I’m making fun. (Pity)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I may or may not have broken a toe a few days ago. By dropping a computer on it. The swelling is finally down but the deep purple is as vibrant as ever … and making a foot fist is completely out of the question. I snapped a picture of it but then decided unequivocally NOT to post it. (Apparently, I have limits to the grossness I will share. Who knew?)

So anyway, as you glide gracefully through your day, moving effortlessly from one destination to the next with all the agility and form of a majestic eagle, please say a little prayer that I might be able to get my spazzery under control for about a dozen performances in about a month.

I’m very afraid. For all of us.