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Remember, I am neither a prude nor Andrew Dice Clay

I am a theater geek.

I’ve always been a theater geek and I’ll always be a theater geek. I’ve been going to shows since I as a kid. I’ve performed in classic musicals like Damn Yankees, Oliver and Company as well as more modern straight plays like Edward Albee’s Fragments and John Patrick Shanley’s Welcome to the Moon. I saw my first Broadway production (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) in NYC when I was 17.

Since that first trip, I’ve been hooked … and I’ve gone back to New York to take in as many productions on and off Broadway as my schedule and budget would allow. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to see (and sometimes even meet) everyone from Sutton Foster, Bebe Neuwirth and Delta Burke to Clay Aiken, Hugh Jackman and Kelsey Grammar … and everyone in between.

Now, whenever a show comes out that makes a big splash on the Tonys or otherwise, I always make it a goal to see it. I have to, after all, live up to my reputation as a theater geek. Right? (Of course, right.) For that reason, I have season tickets for the Broadway Across America tour here in my home city of New Orleans. And, because a girl can’t get to NYC as often as she’d like, many of the shows I’ve seen over the course of my lifetime have been right here in the Deep South. The traveling companies used to draw some pretty big names back in the day (I’m dating myself) such as Yul Brynner, Rex Harrison, Sandy Duncan, Robert Goulet, Shirley Jones and even Sarah Jessica Parker (as a teen, mind you. She is older than me!).

Anyway, my point … and I do have one (to quote my beloved Ellen DeGeneres) is that tonight I add another show to my repertoire. Honestly, I feel sort of pitiful that I’m just getting to this monumental production for the first time. Since I call myself a theater geek and all. But it’s a very hot ticket to get and not at all child-appropriate (and my kids were with me on my last trip to NYC).

Tonight I take on The Book of Mormon.

I’ve heard some good things. I’ve seen some great clips. And I’ve also read some (ahemlyrics. (Here’s where my post title comes in.)

What do you guys think? Who here has seen it? What do you think? Will I like it?