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A Unique Timeline of My Mother’s Day Morning

7:00am – My first (daylight) wake to pee. Stupid bladder. The kids are still asleep? Perfect. Happy Mother’s Day to me. I’m getting back in bed.

8:00am – Wow. They’re still sleeping? Well, they told me to stay in bed this morning until they came to get me. So, I’ll just do as I’m told. What a compliant mom I am.

8:30am – Okay. Dean’s up. No surprise there. But he’s going to have to wait a while on his loves-to-sleep-late sister.

8:35am – Scratch that. He apparently just woke her butt up.

8:40am – And now, I just need to stay in this room … in this bed … while my two amazing kids make breakfast for me without any help from their (traveling) father. One half of me is thrilled … and the other terrified.

8:45 – I am trapped in my bed in total darkness playing with my phone under the covers so I don’t get caught for not sleeping. What am I … 12???

9:05am – I haven’t heard any bickering. I haven’t heard much of anything actually. Are they shitting me? Did they just want to wake up early to watch TV without me interrupting them about studying for their tests this week?

9:10am – I hear a loud crash followed by scampering feet. May we please observe a moment of silence for my kitchen?

9:20am – Okay. That’s it. I’m starting to get stiff and uncomfortable. My kids wouldn’t want me to be stiff and uncomfortable … especially on Mother’s Day. What if I just get out of bed but still stay in the room? Would that be okay? (Oh, God. I am 12.) Plus, I really have to pee.

9:30am – I’m pushing it …. still out of bed. Brushing my hair, straightening the bedroom a little. God, why can’t I just do what I’m told?

9:35am – Jumped back in bed in case they’re about to walk in. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Plus how could I ever get away with “I only asked you to do ONE THING and you couldn’t even do THAT!!!” again?

9:39am – Oh, dear God. I just heard the blender. Where’s my rosary?

9:46am – The door opens and the singing begins. They start walking the “long” and somewhat obstructed journey to my bedside carrying the tray together. The delicious-but-stainy beverage nearly bites it. Twice. “Oh, shit!” my mouth wants to shout out but I stifle and just smile catatonically through their shared panic/enthusiasm.

9:48am – Breakfast is served! OMG … and it’s Gluten-Free! My kids actually read labels for me.


I am told the red jelly represents the highlights in my hair. And I have blackberry eyelashes.

Thanks, Mel, for writing the article that inspired my morning with me. I have the two best kids ever.

* * * * * * * * * *

How was YOUR morning?

Happy Mother’s Day to MY mom and to all of my fellow mamas out there.