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As my girl would say, she drums to the march of a different beater

After re-reading my (sad) post from yesterday, I thought a happier one highlighting the joys of my girl would make for a nice bookend this weekend. Missing her ‘Breakfast with Santa’ yesterday sucked, flat out. Dave & I just didn’t think an event teeming with little people running around wildly in all directions (aka – directly into my gut) was the best place for me to spend my morning. So, I missed the big event, which was the bad part. But I also missed the inevitable spilling of the hot chocolate all over her clothing … before the picture, of course. (And there’s the good part.)

Anyway, if you read the post, you probably remember my plan to “hug the living daylights out of her” when she got home – which I did. We actually spent the rest of the weekend together, goofing off and just lying around reading, playing holiday games on the NORAD site, eating too much sugar and harmonizing to Christmas carols. Badly and loudly. Oh, and we took in A Charlie Brown Christmas and, of course, kept up the annual tradition if mimicking all the character’s different dance moves to the memorable Guaraldi score.

Like I said before, she really is “the spirit of Christmas in this house.” And I think that’s largely attributed to the fact that she’s a dotty little nut job. She’s always been the kind of kid who tags along to the grocery store wearing a long red cape and rain boots. She once had to get stitches for busting her lip during a game of checkers (altered little girl rules, of course) where she fainted from trying to blow her opponent’s pieces off the board. She even keeps a box of the cat’s whiskers (those that have already fallen off) in her room as a special keepsake of him. And if posts like If Nerds Could be Superheroes, A Halloween Story written BY my daughter FOR this blog. Is that weird? and My Young Daughter’s ‘Ultimate Wedding Dress’ haven’t convinced you of her delightfulness quirkiness, then maybe this picture will.

(And, yes, I have her permission to use it.)


This is how I found her in the bathtub tonight. On her self-titled “Bubble Adventures!” She reminded me an awful lot of Mary Stuart Masterson’s Joon character in Benny & Joon.

I guess once she learns to make Cap’n Crunch smoothies in the blender and direct traffic with a ping pong paddle, we’ll be all the way there. Never change, my girl. People like me believe the world is round.

People like you believe in making it go round.


Missing the Santa Visit with my Girl

My daughter went to see Santa today.

I have two kids, the first of whom was born in 1999. That means 2011 marks 13 years of Santa visits.  Except this year, I’m not there. All because of a stupid ping pong ball of fleshy goo that decided to settle in my chest cavity.

Stupid-ping-pong-ball-of-fleshy-goo, we’ve talked a lot in the last two weeks.  I’ve actually even thanked you for a few things.  But today, I’m not thanking you for anything.  Today, I’m pissed that you have me apart from my girl who just left … all ‘cuted’ up with her reindeer antler headband in her little girl purse to wear for the picture.  Before she left, she hugged me and whispered that she wished that I could go with her but that she’s afraid she wouldn’t be able to protect me while I was there.

When did she have to start protecting me???

I love that kid.  She is the spirit of Christmas in this house.  And, at the moment, she’s only five minutes away at her school’s ‘Breakfast with Santa.’ But I miss her right now as much as I ever have.

When she gets home, I’m going to hug the living daylights out of her.  On my good side, of course.  (The left one, in case you encounter me in public these days and feel the need for a hug.)

That’s all for now.  I’m just a little sad.  And had to put it in writing … for my sanity.  And your uncomfortable silence.