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How slammed is your life when a garbage run can’t fit into your busy hoarding schedule?

During my travels today, I came across this car … and I’m wondering if anyone else finds it as disturbing as I do.

These pictures really don’t do it justice. The windows were (mercifully) up and I snapped these shots with an iPhone camera very quickly … sort of from within my shirt … as I was keenly aware (read: hysterically paranoid) that I could be tackled from behind at any moment by a crazed hoarder.

Clearly, this person has no family as the only accessible (and I use the term very loosely) seat in the car is the driver’s seat. Also, I can’t be certain but I think he has a GREAT love of fountain-style cola beverages. As well as many other assorted snacks and, apparently, all of their valuable containers and packagings. I saw everything from paper cups, frozen dinner trays, political flyers, styrofoam bits, etc.

This car, which I inappropriately circled several times with my mouth literally hanging open, absolutely mesmerized me.  I have always been someone who my family and friends would classify as the polar opposite of a hoarder.  A minimalist.  A neat freak even. I tried to google a comparable, clinical term for my affliction but the best I could find was ‘purger.’ 

Yeah, I didn’t like it either.  Sounds like a very different type of affliction to me.