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Goodbye to Joseph as well as to His Dreamcoat

The stage is down, the costumes are boxed and the cast party is over. The whole experience was, as promised, both “amazing” and “technicolor.” It was also profoundly memorable for my girl and me. We’re both pretty bummed to see it end. We so appreciate all of the people who made it happen this summer. And thanks to my brother-in-law for coming to the show on the last night and taking some pretty great pictures.


Seriously, next time I do this show, I’m demanding a RED robe.


Israelite jazz hands … that’s me!


My adorable Viv in the orange skirt doing the 50s number with her best pal. (Did the girls Kool-Aid dip their hair back then? ‘Cause she clearly did.)


Yeah, that’s me. Apparently, green was my signature color for the show. And I am pretty “amazing” that I included a picture of myself DANCING for you guys!


Confused? The audience probably was, too. This shot was taken at curtain call. I played the baker (who was EXECUTED, BTW) in the first act. So, I throw the hat on with my Israeli garb at the end.

As one of Jacob’s many wives, a pampered Potiphar bootlicker, the doomed baker, a go-go dancer, a 50s teenager (seriously, stop laughing!) and an Egyptian underling to Joseph, I had a lot of fun. Thanks to my local friends who were able to come. And, to all who weren’t, please consider stopping in next year … ’cause I’m quite sure Viv and I will be doing it again.

* * * * * * * * * *

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