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With dolphins, a nice message & Harry Connick, Jr., what more do you need?

What would you say if I told you I knew a grown woman who was totally pumped about the upcoming release of Dolphin Tale 2?


Well, no. I’m not naming any names. But here’s a hint.


Of course, it doesn’t hurt that …..

A. My girl and I loved the first movie. We just re-watched last month.

B. Along with Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and many others, Harry Connick, Jr. is one of the big stars of DT2. Hello? You guys DO know he’s from NOLA just like me, right? We just love our homeboys.

C. And guess what? Thanks to Grace Hill Media, my friend, Mel and I are AMBASSADORS for the movie. That means it’s our job to make sure you buy a ticket. So seriously, put down that kid, grab your TV remotes and get going! … Wait. Strike that. … Reverse it.

Still need convincing? Check out the trailer.

Dolphin Tale 2

Opens September 12, 2014

See you there!

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There’s a Big Sequel Coming Out this Fall (Plus My EIGHT Favorite Movie Animals)

Mel and I were asked by our good friends at Grace Hill Media to help promote another movie coming out soon. Anyone remember Dolphin Tale? Well, its sequel (aptly titled Dolphin Tale 2) will be released this September 19. Here’s the proof!


So mark your calendars … and mark your kids’ calendars (Wait! Your kids have calendars???) … for this special event coming in the fall!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of movies … and animals … and movies about animals, I think it’s time for another Blog Posts by Number entry. Today’s installment?



I grew up with this adorable mutt. The other actors in the movie could not have been weaker, but Benji was amazing. He had me completely convinced he was a dog!

2. Babe

I’ve never met a sweeter pig. And I know a lot of pigs, you guys.

3. Milo

Is it any wonder we opted to name our much bitier cat after him? Somebody told me there was a dog (named Otis or Olaf or something) in that movie, too. He must have faded into the background for me. Between Milo the cat and Dudley Moore’s narration, I was already captivated.

4. Cujo

I saw this movie when I was entirely too young for it. And I almost showed it to my kids accidentally a few years ago. Until Dave reminded me it was rated R! Oops.

5. Jaws

These movies are classics. And when I say “these,” I’m only referring to the first two. The Roy Scheider years. After he left, the Jaws franchise was dead to me.

6. Dory

The dopey little fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, my home girl from New Orleans. (Can I pull that off?) (Nah. I didn’t so.)

7. Remy

Oh, how I love that adorable, culinarily-gifted rodent. So much so that my kids gave me the complete Ratatouille action figure set for Mother’s Day that year.


From Charlotte’s Webb. And, while I love Steve Buscemi, I’m talking about the animated version voiced by Paul Lynde. Because what beats an ornery old gay rat?


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