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That’s it. I’m turning VEGAN!


I sent this text to my friend, Mel today at 6:28pm.

Confused? I’m talking about the Circle of Moms Top 25 Mom contests. They have loads of ’em for every interest group. My category … ‘Funny’ … is just one of many. There’s Top 25 Fashion & Beauty MomsCreative Moms … Couponing Moms … Political Moms … Outdoorsy Moms … Foodie Moms … Eco-Friendly Moms … Vegan & Vegetarian Moms …. etc.

That last group was running its contest in tandem with the Top 25 Funny Moms contest (ends 2/13/13). I don’t know if the ‘Vegan’ group started earlier than the ‘Funny’ group but they ended today. They are finished. Free. They no longer need to fret about their daily rankings. They no longer need to teach their grandmothers how to vote from their home computers. They no longer need to huckster themselves via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Ebay, Public Acccess TV, singing telegrams, morse code, carrier pigeon, skywriting, Burma-Shave signs, cat & hamster sandwich boards and whatever else their budgets can afford.

And, although the contest has been fun, I’ll admit I’m a little envious. Why couldn’t *I* have created a vegan blog? I hate meat. I mean … except for seafood and stuff. (Remember, I’m from Louisiana.) Do you think they would accept a cheese-and-crawfish-eating “vegetarian?” I’m not a big consumer of cow or pig anyway. So that just leaves birds. (in a pathetic display of rationalizing) If I promise to stop eating birds right now, can I join the vegan bloggers and end my days in competition?

Yeah. Mel thought I was a little nuts, too. So I guess I’ll just stick with ‘Funny.’ Or ‘Funny-ish.’ Sigh.


But, Michele, how do we vote?

(1) Click here

(2) Scroll to ODNT

(3) click “VOTE”

P.S. You can vote for more than one funny mom. Might I recommend my friend, Mel at AccordingToMags?
P.P.S. In my Circle of Moms travels, I met Cindy who maintains a blog called  vegetarianmamma.com that placed 2nd in its category today. Visit her when you can & tell her ODNT said hi.

* * * * * Got five seconds? * * * * *

Please click that FANCY PANTS PINK BALL (above) to visit the Circle of Moms site and vote for ODNT for Top 25 Funny Moms.

I need this, people! I almost gave up cheese for votes!

vote daily ’til February 13. Thanks!