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Ketchup With Us #BlogHop 40

It’s time for Ketchup With Us. Held on the 1st & 15th of every month, the link-up gives you TWO ways to play: (A) Set a timer for 10 minutes and write about whatever enters your head OR (B) Link up an old post. Mel and I are easy that way. For this link-up, I’m choosing A, the brain drain method.

Easter is just around the corner. As in this week. As in six days. As in who knows how many hours? I’m losing time just trying to calculate it right now.

And, speaking of time, where the heck has it all gone?!!? How did my kids get to be 14 and 11? I can still remember the Easter Bunny bringing Big Boy and Big Girl underwear back in the day. I’m pretty sure they were Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer. My kids would DIE if they knew I just wrote that. But they’re my babies. They’ll always be my babies. And I’ve already warned them both that I’ll still be calling them that when they’re fifty… and sixty … and even seventy.

“No, you won’t, Mom,” corrected my son.

“Oh, yes, I will, Dean,” I promised.

“No, you won’t,” he smiled. “Because when I’m seventy, you’ll be dead.”

My sentimental boy.

Maybe he’ll get it when he’s a dad. He’s going to be a great one. Sweet, kindhearted, calm. I don’t know where he gets that “calm” from. And my daughter is a natural. She’s clearly got a special place in her heart for tiny people. A special way even. And they seem to love her even more in return. She’s like the Pied Piper.

I love those kids more than anything in the world. Happy Easter, guys. Have I not embarrassed you enough yet? Then how about I include two of my favorite pictures from Easters past?

Yeah. That should do it.


Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer from last time is …

Lady Goo Goo Gaga


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All YOU need to do is link something up.

And, for the love of Henry, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Why post of a picture of the Gorton’s Fisherman? Well, I have been eating a lot of fish lately. It being Lent and all. And, seriously, what’s goes better with fish sticks than Ketchup? Am I right?

Oh, and please excuse my butt cut. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to manage a decent hairstyle when dressed as a Ketchup bottle.

Wait. Why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you be writing … or finding the perfect post to link up? And, gosh, look at me just blathering on when you have work to do. Go. Go now and do your thing!

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Guess who’s at the top of my Fish List this holiday season?

You guys have all heard of Gorton’s, right? As in (and I’m actually singing it in my head right now) “Trust the Gorton’s fisherman.

He’s the friendly sailor who sells tasty fish-centric products to consumers just like you and me. He’s a little salty and crusty (not unlike the tasty seafood entrees he represents) but he’s definitely someone you’d trust completely to have at your dinner table. Especially if he brought the eats. Which is what we’re talking about today.

Representing yet another fine exhibitor at the BlogHer conference last July, Gorton’s contacted me (and lots of other fish-loving bloggers) about doing a little promotion here at ODNT. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Food Sampling (Eating. No problem. Next!)
  • For FREE (Seriously? It’s like this promotion was created for me.)
  • Easy recipes (Even for a kitchen spaz. In this example, the spaz = me.)
  • Prizes (I get to spoil one lucky, fish-loving reader.)

I wasted no time in getting started. I grabbed my press kit and ran to the nearest grocery store. Using the coupons and recipe cards in the kit as well as my trusty iPhone to look up a few other ideas, I came home and made the following three meals on three consecutive nights. Check ’em out!


Fish tacos (with Gorton’s Signature Grilled Tilapia)


Honey Mustard Beer Batter Fillet Sandwiches (with Gorton’s Beer Batter Fillets)


Citrus Grilled Shrimp Salad (with Gorton’s Skillet Crisp Shrimp)

When I tell you that everyone was happy and wanted seconds, I’m not exaggerating one bit. (Well, except for my boy. Who doesn’t like fish. Or seafood in general. And we live in New Orleans, Louisiana. … I know, right?!!?) But Dave, Viv and I were very happy with our three meals. They were all yummy, ridiculously easy to prepare and even nutritionally balanced. Our favorite, you ask? Honestly? Probably the beer batter sandwich. I’ve only been to London once … but those fillets taste a lot like the stuff on a good fish and chips platter. Really makes me want to go back. (Sigh) Which reminds me …


The good people of Gorton’s invite everyone to enter their Wicked Good Seafood Contest to win a trip for four including airfare, lodging, activities and even a little spending money! (Gosh, I hope I’m eligible.) And while you’re at Gortons.com, why not check out their products, pick a recipe, download a coupon and get dinner on the table as easily as I did? Your family will think you worked way harder than you actually did. And that’s always a plus.

Keep up with the Gorton’s by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You could even win a prize package with coupons, recipes, postcards and even a cute little ship wheel keychain. (Yours is probably falling apart anyway.)


Oh, and finally, a gratuitous shot of my adorable daughter and her favorite Gorton’s creation. (Thanks for helping me, Viv.) 


Gorton's Wicked Good Seafood