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“There are no bad ideas, Lemon. Only great ones that go horribly wrong.” – Jack Donaghy

Hmmmm, how do I begin? So I had this idea today. I guess it’s really more of a scheme. A well-hatched plan you might call it. Is it harebrained? Cacamamie? Or half-baked? Um …. NO!!! And, frankly, I’m offended you’d ask. (rolling eyes and throwing hands in air) Oh, whatever. It might sound a little crazy. And YOU are getting a front row seat.

Ever heard of the baby food diet? Feel free to Google it but it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. There are several different versions of it but the basic plan suggests 14 jars of baby food per day which works out to somewhere between 1000-1200 calories, depending on your choices. As with any fad diet, it has its pros and cons.

What? Am I doing it? That would be crazy. Completely insane. So, yes. Of COURSE, I’m doing it. But just for five days. Starting tomorrow. With my friend, Vanessa. And anyone else crazy enough to join us. I see it not only as an interesting experiment (Morgan Spurlock is one of my personal heroes) but also a jump-start to a little holiday weight loss. Considering all the eating I’ll be doing soon enough, I figured I could stand a little boost.

Vanessa: Do we have to exercise?

Me: Babies don’t have to exercise.

Vanessa: I could push you in the stroller then you could push me.

Me: What if I just carried you around in a Bjorn for a while?

Vanessa: Ooh! We need bouncy seats!

So anyway, if you want to come along for the potentially disgusting ride, stay tuned. I’ll keep you guys posted on my intake, progress and any other entertaining discoveries we find along the way.

It’s only for five days, right? (Somebody say right. Say it. Now!)