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Homecoming, fried chicken and “the whoppin’ hat”

Michele is home and resting in bed. They sent her directly home from the ICU. This quick turn-around was the result of two things. She was doing very well and recovering quickly…and…they did not have an empty bed in the entire hospital. I am going to assume it is due more to the first circumstance. Still, I am keeping a close eye on her and wearing my nurses hat for the weekend. Not literally. Which leads me to:

A certain person, who shall remain nameless, has informed me that my previous attempt to inject pop culture and humor into her I mean THE blog might have been misinterpreted by some. So, to clarify:

Michele did not eat fried chicken yesterday. I ate fried chicken yesterday. From the cafeteria. And it was de-licious.

Michele does not hit me repeatedly with her hat. Skipper hits Gilligan repeatedly with his hat. Michele does not wear a hat. There are really very few, if any, shared traits between her and Skipper (The Skipper?).

So, in the highly unlikely event that my post caused you to assume that my wife walks around the house with a drumstick in one hand and her “whoppin’ hat” in the other you would be mistaken. My apologies to all.

This REALLY is my last post as I’m sure Michele will be up blogging and whoppin’ on us in no time. Thanks again to all of our great friends. You are all truly great.