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Monster Inspiration Headphones – The Coolness Test

Mel and I scored big at the recent BlogHer conference in Chicago. The swag there flows from the Expo Hall like a river and we walked out … literally … with more than we could carry. (Chicago’s homeless and Midway Airport staffers profited from our bounty as well.) One of the most exciting “samples” we each managed to bring home are Monster Inspiration noise cancellation headphones.

No, YOU shut up!

And we’ll be reviewing them here for you soon. So, there have been lots and lots (and LOTS!) of selfies taken with our new toys. And they made me realize that maybe, just maybe, these things can take a few years off me and make me look cool again.

But let’s test that theory, shall we?


Just how cool will Monster headphones make me?


What if I add, say, a retainer to the equation? Does that ruin it? (pause to study picture) Nope. Still cool.


Fine. What about a retainer AND glasses? Nope. I still look totally awesome.


Okay. Retainer, glasses, purple pillow pet. Geez! These things are like MAGIC! I’ve never looked more amazing.


I am now pulling out the stops, my friends! Retainer, glasses, purple pillow pet and pigtails. What? Seriously? I am still Pinky freakin’ Tuscadero.

* * * * * * * * * *

And YOU could be Pinky Tuscadero, too. All you hafta do is read our reviews and pick up a pair … or put them on your Christmas list. What? You don’t know who Pinky Tuscadero is?? Fine. Just shorten the name to Pink. Same thing.

Stay tuned for the Monster Inspiration review coming soon!