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SIX Oddly Specific Things I’m Good At Doing


Pulling teeth. And I’m not talking about my own kids. I’ve put my fingers in more mouths than I care to admit. And I’ve successfully extracted a dangling but stubborn tooth from a frightened kid every time. Some folks call me … the tooth whisperer. (Seriously, I want a cape.)

Making grilled cheese sandwiches. It was the first thing I learned how to cook as a kid. My gift was recognized immediately so I was quickly promoted to head chef in my family when we made them for dinner. Sadly, poor cookware and a smoke alarm installed entirely too close to my oven have created far too perfect a storm for me these days. And three fire house visits (by dudes who all could have jumped directly from the firemen’s calendar, by the way) are enough for me. I’ve hung up my spatula until we move to a new house.

My Mary Tyler Moore impression. It’s only a few words, but I’ve been told it’s pretty darn good. And I owe it all to hours of classic (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and super classic (The Dick Van Dyke Show) TV shows with my mom and dad.

Flat ironing hair. Well, duh, if I’m anal about it, I’m also probably good at it. It’s actually the only thing Vivien will allow me to do to her hair.

Folding t-shirts. Thanks to years of experience acquired from my job at Limited Express. We actually used a clipboard to ensure that every shirt was folded the exact same size back then. Now I can do it free form. Because I’m just that good.

Remembering numbers. “Hey, Michele. What’s my license number again?”“Do you know your checking account and routing numbers?”“Do you remember your childhood phone number?”“Does anyone know the customer service number for Cox Cable?” Yep. I can answer all of these (and lots of others) off the top of my head. Which has often earned me mouth-dropped looks like I’m Raymond Babbitt. I guess this is where my son  …. who we called Rain Man as a toddler … gets it. Three minutes to Wapner …

What about YOU?

What are your freakish talents?


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